Deadbush's Top 5 Carbines


Everyone is fricking crazy with their carbine selections, so I’ll get this straight once and for all.
Carbines arranged in order of my preference
1.Fal 50.63
Like the FAL 50.00 but slightly faster. Better for CQC than the FAL 50.00

Steady, low rank unlock, and very decent. Reload is fast, recoil is easy to handle and damage is a 3sk in melee.

3.Honey Badger
Toxic gun, but it has to be a decent gun to become toxic, eh? Decent damage and firerate, amazing handling including a lightning fast reload

4.1858 Carbine
Fast paced dedicated sniper killer. In the right hands, it can quickly kill off whole sniper squads.

Like the AS-VAL, but with faster reload and better handling. Lack of integral suppressor makes it inferior to the AS-VAL but the SR-3M still has an edge when reloading in CQC is involved


Fal 50.63 has horrible recoil though. At least without attachments


I like this list…
Except for HB.


lmao same

but the as val needs to be in


as val is an assault rifle dumhed


oh right




I call ripoff


what do you mean by “melee”?


close range


ayay hb


oh alright