Deadbush's Best Secondaries

  1. M1911
    Anyone’s trusty 1911. Good damage with good CQC potential and the ability to kill enemies at range with a bit of skill.
  2. Five Seven
    Trash damage but has the best range potential. Best for picking off enemies at midrange. Having a fast trigger finger allows you to utilize the 800 rpm firerate, turning the Five Seven into a CQC machine pistol for shredding enemies.
  3. G18
    Trusty machine pistol. Steady aim but has high ammo consumption. Trigger discipline is required.
  4. Deagle.44
    Similar to the M1911 but a little more beefy. Comes at the cost of lower firerate.
  5. 1858 New Army
    A clean accurate pistol that can 1sk to the head in midrange. Requires good head aim in CQC but if you have it figured out, then it is a beast.


You said the word “trash” in Five Seven.



ikr the five seven is amazing