Darkman makes Minecraft gun models!




ZIP 22


can u make the kolibri too


can you make anime girls?




I guess I can try that eventually.


why not

I can send you reference for the anime girl


M16A3, M16A4 and M231


Tactical Spatula

For the melee update, 3 popular melee’s have been selected to have extra rare Gold & Black variants:


FAL 50.12 Gauge and PPSH-41U


Chosen One

Likely one of the most hated melee’s.


nice, try making it brigher tho


Nawt possible.

I use Light Stained Glass Panes, which is already very light blue.



you have a point


fill the center with sea lanterns?


Which won’t give off light.


just surround it with a bunch of glowstone to make it look brigther


Will recolor it to yellow.


Colt SMG 633, Colt SMG 635 and Colt SMG 639

Colt SMG 633

  • Is the model used in Phantom Forces.

Colt SMG 635

  • Actual real life model.

Colt SMG 639

  • Recolored Colt SMG 635, Burst mode, Also exists in real life and is burst.


when is honey badger coming