Darkman makes Minecraft gun models!


the thing is…

It got a quality of the heccing Chauchat


the chauchat had giant holes in the magazine that literally scraped mud off the ground into the chamber. The brazillian made FALs have a bad name, but the European ones were decent, I guess.


also if the Central powers did win WW1 there would be no Nazi Germany, as the French would have no opportunity to completely screw over Germany if she and her allies won WW1

So yes, do give the Allies Brazilian FAL’s, and make sure ‘murica doesn’t get involved, k?


If that’s the case why don’t you hand them AK-74’s instead



so it will actually be “The War to end all Wars”


AK-74’s are also bad for the trenches.

Like I said earlier, I recommend M16’s and SCAR-H’s for trenchline service, going off of mud testing done for both guns.


The HK416 is the best choice actually:



Soo is the server open yet or r u still working on it, can i have an address


it’s open. @Darkman_Bree




idk, i’m on bedrock and i cant play


Version 1.13.2


1 gun + 3 special requests:




AN-94 BR



do the AS Val, Vss, and sr3m next or i delet fal pl0x


SR-3M is already done.
AS VAL and VSS Vintorez aren’t in priority right now.

Based on the vote, Dragunov SVDS is next.


I’m surprised Camaro didn’t respond to the AN-94’s yet.
He only liked it.


Bipod would murder your left hand on the RPN-94, but other than that, it’s pretty good.

Let me guess: the special requests were done because I like the FAL now? Or was it the condolences?


FAL LMG based on the FN FALO!




ugly as crap