Darkman makes Minecraft gun models!


try making a karambit


how about a m1 garrand?








Order of models depending on votes:

  1. M1909 Snubnose
  2. AN(US)-94
  3. Dragunov SVDS
  4. Deagle .44
  5. AUG A1


M1909 Snubnose


Like your country’s half-assed attempt at an AK-47 is any better.

The FAL was so bad, even the Germans didn’t bother to improve it, instead just fielding their own rifle! For reference, they took the L85A1, universally viewed as garbage, and improved nearly every problem on it into the L85A2.






uh oh


Daddy I’ve done it
I stopped racism used the FAL and did good!


Starting to change your mind about the FAL


The FAL may be bad in real life, but in PF its good


I’ve learned that FALs made in Europe are higher quality than the sucky Brazilian ones, and the same logic I’ve been using to defend the M14 and G3 could be used against the Garand and other historically good battle rifles. And grouching about the Garand is sacreligious.


Have you done your research about the gun?


“prevalence and widespread usage”
it was a good rifle, at least back in the 1960s.


lets go back in time to WW1 and introduce the Brazilian FAL to the Allies!

insert trollface here


They be fucc’d

Though given the muddiness of the trenches, they’d be fucc’d regardless.

I’d recommend M16 or SCAR-H


honestly- a full automatic gun that fires 7.62x51, a full rifle cartridge, would be significantly better than the guns of that time at combat. It’s more powerful than an SMG, and has more range than early assault rifles of that time. The FAL weighs similarly compared to bolt action rifles of the time, like the lee enfield and M1 garand. It has similar cartridge size and higher muzzle velocity than the Kar98K and the Lee Enfield. But, the 20rd magazine makes quite a difference. also, the 7.62x51 catridge was available at that time.