Darkman makes Minecraft gun models!


G3 and AG-3:



Me watching video be like:

Yeeeesss, Destroy that G3! Yeeeesss!


the thing is…

The FAL jammed more than the G3


Ehhhh… It was acted.

You know what? It’s time for another vote for the next model!

  • M1909 Snubnose
  • Dragunov SVDS
  • AN-94
  • AUG A1
  • Deagle .44

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I will check back tommorow.




Gee, no fucking wonder the Germans wanted to get away from the FAL so quickly.

Germans have a reputation for running rifles and other guns that aren’t shit.

Gewehr 98 had an action so smooth and strong, it was copied over to the Springfield M1903, and used in many modern bolt actions to this day.

StG-44, while finnicky, solved a lot of problems that many automatic rifles of the period had. That, and it influenced the AK-47’s design and the M16’s inner workings.

MG42 was so potent of an LMG that, counting the lightly modified MG3, it’s only just now starting to get replaced within German service.

The MP40 was the benchmark of mass produced submachine guns, so much so that the rest of the world got to producing their own (cheaper) submachine guns.

The MP5, derived from the G3, is also a low recoil 9mm submachine gun, like the MP40 before it. That said, it’s also a lot lighter, and fires faster, which alleviates the problems the MP40 had in close quarters.

The HK416, despite being a glorified AR-15, is so much more than that. All the fouling problems the original AR-15 rifles had? poof, gone.

Hell, even the L85A1 managed to get improved via HK’s help, molding into the L85A2, ridding the rifle of most of the original’s problems.

Germany has managed to make nothing but firearms that balance between quality and quantity. mostly lying towards quality, granted, but they’re still guns to be heavily appreciated.


ever wonder why M16A1’s and later came with forward assists? That’s why, kids! That’s why!


Heccler and Kocch best



Although I fanboy over the M14, I’d also love to have a G3 rifle sometime soon, just to get that sweet slapp.


Vote ended.

Wtf M1909 Snubnose and AN-94 are tied?
Why u do this?


  • M1909 Snubnose
  • AN-94

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(Also are there any girls/non binary here?

  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Other

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Ffs, Another tie.
But I got 1 vote from my server staff too:

He voted for M1909 Snubnose, I’ll make AN-94 right after the Snubnose k?


While the vote was going, I made this:



MP40 when?


When I feel like.
And I feel like some other models need to be first, but I got MP40 screenshotted already.


Alright m8




Also worth noting…

Both a Glock and a M1911 were mud tested. While clearing M1911’s mud jams were as simple as wiping mud from the striker, the Glock was bricked by being full of mud.

Not that I’d ever enter into an incredibly muddy environment, but there’s a reason (or a few) why the M1911 is still relevant.


@Darkman_Bree alleluia im here