Darkman makes Minecraft gun models!


Yes, but Darkman is able to smooth out his models to a higher degree of polish.


I wish i had Minecraft.


wait r u gonna get aim software now !


aim software? the server dosent have ADS?


No, It’ll kill the pack, there’s a 50 or 100 MB size limit.

I’m already at somewhere 25 MB.


It actually does, left click to toggle Aiming.

While aimed in, it slows you down and slightly zooms in your view but removes all bullet spread (Except shotguns, which is only a small reduce)




Five Seven


TRG when?





L1A1 at a gun shop. Feels like a dream to handle. Magazine, in spite of it rocking in, isn’t hard to get into the gun at all.

You’re welcome.




Really wish you were there.


A rifle in a shotgun world


maybe it’s a .410 disguised as an fal


But I thought pride month was over


what the actual fuck is this supposed to mean


There were plenty of other rifles there too, including some 8mm Mausers, M1 Carbines, more Mosins, among otbers.