Darkman makes Minecraft gun models!


Here I showcase my gun creations I make with my Minecraft 3D Modeller for Resource Packs!

These guns are made for the gamemode “Purpur Force”, Where I make Phantom Forces into Minecraft as much as possible!


DMR-412 REX (Fictional primary MP412 REX in request of a friend)


AKU-12 + AK-12C

BFG 50 + SFG 50

FAL 50.00

FAL 50.63 PARA




M1911 + MP1911

Project priority list: (In no particular order)

  • M4A1
  • G3
  • G36C
  • SCAR-L
  • AN-94
  • L115A3
  • AWS
  • M9
  • Glock 17


I’m surprised you didn’t put the Fal first

Darkman, did somebody possess you?


I started with easier models.


These are class. At last I have found somone else who likes Minecraft


Lol you are sitting amongst many Minecrafters


Half the forums are Minecrafters (I think)


Make a stock for the MP1911


Oh I will.

Some guns will have 1 attachment that is very special for the gun that will get an exclusive extra model.
For example:
SPAS-12’s Extended Stock
MP1911’s Stock
L115A3’s PM II Scope



M1911 god sated.


May i also recommend you get a universal AK platform receiver, grip etc… to recycle for the As Val etc…


m45a1? pls?


Don’t worry.
Eventually all guns will be modelled.


have fun modelling a total of 130 guns as of typing this post


Eventually they will be.


Glock 17, Glock 18 and Stick Grenade:





Do you think you can do the MP40 and the M60?


I call dibs on you doing MG36 first…
does that even remotely make sense?


I guess.