Counter strike


Add a counterstrike channel m8


could you explain why you think this would be good?


This is pf not the AWP tryhard community forums


-_- u even know what this place is for?


We dont do Counter Strike, M8. Go somewhere else for that please.
Do you even play Phantom Forces?


Did I SERIOUSLY just read a comment asking them to add a counter-strike topic?

CS:GO is probably the most stupid and idiotic game I’ve ever seen. First of all, you can’t ADS. Second of all, what if I want to rush FLARE A or the HILL, HUH?


I feel some of you are salty because you’re bad, it isn’t about AWP tryhards either, it’s a strategic game that’s actually pretty good. Yes, I do play Phantom Forces and I’d prefer you not be an arrogant moron and intentionally be sarcastic.
LTKing what I MEAN IS TO ADD A COUNTER STRIKE CHANNEL ON TEAMSPEAK. Thank you, do not be arrogant and an overall moron.


Forgive my saltyness.


Didn’t see the need for all the Counter Strike hate here.


Purge this topic


It would allow users who play counter strike to have their own channel to interact and it could also possibly invite new people to the community because someone could invite someone to the TS.


Again, I’m not proposing a counter strike topic on the forums I’m proposing a counterstrike Teamspeak channel.

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Will take under consideration, use better wording next time though.