COR Revamp (Idea)


Game’s broken, we all know that (,sort of).

Battlefield 1’s coming soon. Give the atmosphere to COR.

Look, I know it’s COR, then gonna switch it to BF and it sounds stupid, but hey…

And with the Stupid 4.0 shit, maybe it’ll turn out great. I don’t know how to make this clear, because I’m high off my arse right now.


They said they said they were gonna remake it a long time ago.


If only you replied with something helpful… Like something to add into the idea…


They say they are going to remake it with the PF framework, but keep the gameplay.
I’d imagine they would get PF at least past version 1 first tho.


Cor was based on COD


I think the first thing we need to look at is the Mosin Nagant. Although it was intended for a different game, it could very well be the first step toward COR5 being revamped with PF style changes.


Hype, :open_mouth: thats a good point. I’d love to come back to playing COR like in the good ol’ days and if they revamped it with the PF core mechanics that’d be awesome!


2 Years Later…