CoR 5 pls come back


Can the chat or whatever be fixed in CoR 5 so I can play it again :frowning:


Ah, I miss cor


We all do


It’s prolly going to take in the realm of 1-2 years for them to even start on the remade version.


COR6/COR5 Revamped will likely be worked out once PF is “complete”…

Right now, don’t expect the devs to start the remake…


It will never be complete
Leeto and the devs are t00 busy with what the outsiders call


all i want is for the game to not be shut down, which as far as i know, is because of the custom chat in cor. all i want is for that to be fixed, either remove it or use the current PF one, not that hard


I would like to play CoR 5 again, all I remember was killing scrubs with a Tommy and A Nambu…so…

It should be moar exciting when it comes back, maybe even some places like

Verdun (Damnit that’s WWI)
Iwo Jima
The Black Box (I’m dead fucking serious, just make it bigger and give it cover)
This is gonna be a joke map, I actually want it.


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