Connor Debunks The "Overpowered" Weapons Misconception|Voice Reveal?

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There was way too much to talk about here, so I instead did a video on it.

Feel free to state your opinion below as always, I’m open minded. I read all your comments, so feel free to challenge my pragmatic way of thinking. Just try to keep the comments in this thread rather than on Youtube.

The video will be released in a few days. I am currently recording footage for it. I’ll update this thread when it is done. Until then, here is the entire video script copied word for word.

Hello Lego slayers. Today we’ll be looking at a quite controversial topic. Has there ever been a time where ideology got the best of you, and you called the BFG 50 overpowered because someone caught you off-guard and sniped you on Mirage? We all have, you’re only human. This is fine and all, but the problem arises when people approach every weapon in the game this way. I’ve noticed a lot of weapons have been called overpowered in lobbies recently. I won’t go over all of them, as there are quite a few. But I’ll mention the most common ones, and explain why they are perfectly balanced. It’s quite dangerous to suggest a weapon is overpowered without looking over the evidence, but it’s not uncommon for people (most notably low ranks) to assume the weapon the enemy used is the entire reason they died, and any other factors are pure fantasy. It’s time to shine some light on reality, and explain to you why I believe there are no overpowered weapons in Phantom Forces.

Number 1: The BFG 50.

All of you saw this coming. This is undoubtedly the most hated weapon in all of PF. You can’t use it in a lobby without some wise-ass coming along and saying something like “it’s overpowered!”, “lol BFG user no skill!”. When you ask them why it’s overpowered, they say “it one shots to the body”. But if you then point out that the Hecate ii and the Barrett M107 also oneshot to the torso, they usually fall silent. Or the brave ones will say something along the lines of “it’s a high rank unlock so it’s ok.”

Sigh Kids, you can’t judge a weapon by one stat alone. Sure, it indeed does 100 damage, but you trade that for a hella low walkspeed and ADS time, not to mention, slow reload. All that effort for one single bullet. And if there are a squad of snipers above you, sure, you might be able to kill one of them, but if they have remotely good aim, they will surely gun you down. Even if you can perform the classic “BFG slide” quickly enough. I generally refer to the 100 damage as an “imaginary advantage”. It may help you out, but the lack of a magazine certainly will not.

Number 2: The Kriss Vector

I’ll be completely honest, this weapon can be annoying to go up against. But that’s more of a personal problem. In terms of balance, this gun is perfect. While the high RPM is a blessing, it’s also a curse. If you can’t aim, the gun is useless. The thing blows through magazines so damn quickly. Aiming is crucial. Especially at medium-ranges. Oh yeah, that’s the thing, have you seen the damage drop-off? It’s one of the highest in class. Dropping from 35, all the way to a scrumptious 18 at just 100 studs. That’s the definition of Airsoft BB’s. I suppose you could argue that this can be fixed partially with HP, but I digress. My previous point remains. Funny how balanced a weapon can seem when you put some thought into it, yeah?

Number 3: KS-23M

I do enjoy this gun quite a lot. It is very strong, and in my opinion, one of the best shotguns in the game. But that doesn’t mean it’s overpowered. That laughable capacity of 3, count em, 3 ROUNDS, mixed with a low fire rate makes this gun anything but overpowered. Yeah, it does have tight spread, yeah range can be pretty insane, yeah it’s minimum drop off isn’t until 188 studs, but the weapon remains balanced from fire rate, and capacity. Especially after the long needed OMEGA shotgun nerf we got in the most recent update.

Seriously Stylis, thank you for listening to competent players, not some salty kids that think the FAL is overpowered so they complain to you yet, you listen to them and Nerf it. Sigh

My brain is telling me I should wrap this up before I go insane. There are so, so many more weapons I wanted to potentially go over, especially the KSG. But that really isn’t needed. The people who disagree with me have already left, and those who are open-minded and agree with me watched until the end. I’ve made my point, make yours in the thread below that I’ll leave in the description.

I don’t want to be that kind of person, but if you want to potentially hear me BS about some other guns, feel free to Subscribe. But I suppose that it isn’t my place to say what you do with your time. After all, you were kind enough to watch this video, spending your own precious time on something so inconsequential, well thank you! It means a lot to me. I hope this video made you think, if not and it turns out we had the same views, well great minds think alike.


My guy, no one says the bfg 50 and the vector are op anymore except the low rank vocal minority , you’re like 2.5 years late. And you could argue that the KS-23m is a tad bit op.


Ah, you proved my point exactly. This thread was uploaded just 3 minutes ago and yet you managed to read it that quickly?
You are exactly the audience I was TRYING to avoid, but I knew it was inevitable that wouldn’t happen.

Talk about not being aware. Also, notice how I pointed out that mostly low-ranked players complain about these weapons? The majority of players ARE the lower ranked lmao.

Ideology really is dangerous huh? Give me a pragmatic argument as to why this weapon is overpowered, I stated I am open minded after all.


Btw, I don’t hate you lol, I’m just speaking my mind today as that’s the mood I’m in, your opinion is your opinion.


Hold on… if i can find that thread to for an basis on a supposed counter-arguement to why it can be considered to be “slightly op”

here it is: (Literally) The Most OP Shotgun at Range


It also appears you missed the message I was trying to send when writing this. I wasn’t trying to call out any weapons specifically, I was trying to explain why the argument for overpowered weapons is stupid in a general sense.

I am happy to look over that thread in depth, it is a few months old tho, which is pre-nerf. But I’ll still read over it and report back with my honest opinion.




Lol, you even said “I doubt it’s that op”


Well i only “you could argue” but i seriously doubt it’s op considering the rpm and cap

too slow to deal with multiple players who aren’t bunched up together


This is a really good argument. The range is quite good, as I state above.
Fine, with the right attachments, the weapon is borderline op, but certainly not like it used to be now that the nerf has happened.

I’m just glad they fixed the KSG tbh.


BFG isn’t OP at all. If anything, it’s a little underwhelming.

Vector is hella annoying to come across, more so because a lot of mid ranks use it if anything.

KS-23M is both annoying to come across, and annoying to use. 65 RPM? No thanks.


Exactly the point I was trying to make. Just because a weapon is annoying to come across doesn’t mean it’s overpowered. It’s crucial to know the difference between the two.

We could honestly dedicate an entire thread about weapons that are annoying to come across. There are plenty of weapons that piss me off at times, but calling them overpowered is just pure salt.


Sure. Let’s-a-go!!


I’ll be a main contributor that’s for sure.

Y’all have no idea of the crap I can cook up when I am in the mood to rant