Comprehensive analysis of every gun in PF: #2 Carbines


Ok time for another one of these to absolutely destroy your likeness for me as a person, which is alright.
Same as last time, 0-10 scale.

M4A1: Really damn fun to use. Good damage and recoil, Standard gun really. 7/10

G36C: For one of the starting guns this is surprisingly good. Fairly high recoil sometimes and a decent damage. 6/10

M4: Essentially a more accurate M4A1 people say. But I am not a fan of bursts, so I give it a 4/10, but it has decent damage and low recoil. Much like the M16A4

L22: Its ok, much like the L85. Low recoil and decent damage. Would use it when im bored and have had good times with it. 6/10

SCAR PDW: Now this I like. Its better than the SCAR-L by a long shot and does a bit more damage. Surprisingly low and controllable recoil too. 8/10

AKU12: Oh yes, the first AK12 variant to cover. Its average, much like the AK12 really. Might say the same for most of them really. 5/10

Groza-1: As a fan of the FAMAS I am a fan of this too. Decent damage and high recoil that is managable too. Decent reload speed too. 7/10

AK12C: Much like the AKU12, its average. Not the best but average. 5/10

Honey Badger: This is alright really. Fairly high and controllable recoil and in my personal opinion is fun to use. Ammo depletes quickly. But the amount of rank 30s who buy it ruin it for me. 5/10

SR-3M: Fairly overlooked and is surprisingly one of the most balanced guns in the game. Decent recoil out of the box and has access to the Extended Mag like the AS VAL. Great damage overall. 10/10

Groza-4: Another really fun gun to use. Decent damage and recoil that is fairly controllable. 20 round magazine like a stock SR-3M (Just give it extended mags please.) 8/10

MC51SD: Yet again, another fun gun. A moderate rate of fire and very good damage. Built in supressor for that extra sneak like the Honey Badger. But has a 20 round magazine. 7/10

FAL 50.63 PARA: Something I havent really used since I unlocked it, but does get one off use sometimes. Very high recoil out of the box that may put off experienced players. But is actually controllable. Another 20 round magazine with a fairly fast reload. 6/10

1858 Carbine: This is one of those weird guns, its a primary 1858 New Army and can 1SK to the head at all ranges like a Henry. Lacks fan-of-the-hammer which it deparately needs to boost its pickrate. Same reload as the New Army practically. 6/10

AK105: Something that doesnt get enough love. Has surprisingly good recoil and decently average damage. Fast reload like the AK103. 7/10

KAC SRR: Its a supressed redhawk, not much to say about it really. Slow reload and a 1SK to the head at all ranges. Very high bullet drop too. 4/10

So next up I think I will pay a nice visit to the PDWs and give some nice analysis on one of my favourite classes. When it comes to things like snipers, I will probably combine Sniper Rifles and DMRs (MAYBE Battle Rifles too.)


This is a very good list, here is a like.


I agree, I gave it a like.


Where would the new Carbine Revolver go? (I forgot the name). It’s basically an unsuppressed KAC. So…


Also thanks for showing an accurate representation of the AK105. This gun isn’t really all that bad, but it gets outclassed by the Scar PDW in almost every way. Which you accurately represented by giving the Scar a higher rating.


The Jury?


G36C is really good since it’s one of the only few weapons that lets you run as fast as a pistol


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