Comprehensive analysis of every gun in PF: #1 Assault rifles


Ok so I am going to give my opinions on EVERY assault rifle in the game as of 4.7.0. Hate it? Too bad.

AK12: decent damage and a relatively average rate of fire. I give it a 7/10

AN-94: NO. 0/10

AS VAL: Literally a supressed SR-3m (Ill get onto that when I analyse the carbines) relatively high but controllable recoil. High damage and an accompanying high rate of fire. 9/10

SCAR-L: Relatively weak for its class. Combined with a slow rate of fire. Low recoil however gives it a saving grace. 6/10

AUG A1: Not many issues with this one, pretty good damage and recoil along with a built in scope thats ideal for longer ranges. However not many people seem to know about the backup irons. 7/10
M16A4: Not my most favourable gun because of the burst. I’d use the A3 anyday. 3/10

G36: Like the AUG A1, it features a built in telescopic sight thats ideal for longer ranges. Great damage and controllable recoil. 8/10

M16A3: Now this is a gun I dont use often, but when I do i have fun with it. Low recoil even without a Muzzle Brake and pretty good damage. 7/10

AUG A2: This doesnt feature the built in scope the A1 has, but still has great damage much like it. Really low recoil without a Muzzle Brake from experience. 6/10

FAMAS G2: Now because this is one of my favourite guns it doesnt mean I will instantly rank it 10/10. The FAMAS still has its flaws of high recoil and ok damage, but the high rate of fire makes up for this. 8/10

AK47: For being one of the strongest guns in its class damage wise. It has relatively mediocre damage output. High rotational recoil, so I wouldnt reccomend optics (A common theme for most AKs, but some are usable with optics too.). 5/10

AUG A3: Relatively decent damage, Shockingly low recoil (A trait shared with the A3 Para.) and makes it relatively controllable and a fun gun to use. Higher rate of fire than both the A1 and A2. 8/10

L85A2: This guns is ok. Not my first choice but id use it if I got bored. Ok damage all around with weird recoil. 6/10
HK416: An overrated piece of garbage. Pretty bad damage but somewhat compensates with 900 rounds per minute. But not enough to make me say its great. 4/10

AK74: This is a neat little package that makes the AK47 bite the dust. Controllable recoil and has lower damage than the 47. 7/10

AKM: Again, a nice little package. Much higher damage than the 74 and has controllable recoil again. 7/10
AK103: The recoil is a bit funny but isnt the worst thing in the world. Same damage as the AKM roughly and has a quick and snappy reload. 6/10

M231: No doubt one of the most fun guns to use in the game. Insanely high recoil that may put someone off using it. Look at the ground and you’re fine. Second fastest time to kill in its class, only beaten by the gun that shall not be named. 9/10

Now surely I must of triggered at least 100% of you. So im here to say. I dont care about your opinion because it mostly likely revolves around the AN-94.




I like you already.


I can already see the comprehensive analysis of the DMRs.

Mk11: NO. 0/10
SKS: NO. 0/10
VSS Vintorez. It’s auto, so it’s cool. 1/10
MSG90: NO. 0/10
SA58 SPR: NO. 0/10
Beowulf TCR: NO. 0/10
SCAR SSR: NO. 0/10


M231 should be a 10/10 you queer


your opinion is null and void for this list.


rip you’ll learn why AN-94 is not bad


You’ve already lost me.

Oh wait…

Then why the hell are you here?


ill givee it 5/10
ill do fine with it but its an an94


I give it o/10


I give it a 8/10.
10/10 with HP and the ability to hit headshots.

You’ve left me no choice but to finally create a thread on why this gun is good. I’ve held back, as people have already done it before, but I can’t anymore. It’s time to settle this once and for all.


Oh, he sure will.


i have
people tellin me i got the wrong setup


I mean the recoil is so low you don’t need grips and barrel attachments


I personally would give AN-94 10/10 with AP
For HP, I would rate it 7/10


suppressor so no radar


Fair enough, but HP allows a 1 burst kill to the head at any range. This outperforms literally every DMR.


wow I didn’t know that
checks the stats for AN-94


Hellcat confirmed to me that it can’t do it at any range, but boy is it damn close.


Guess AP is the way to go due to the two burst still being a two burst whether or not youre using HP.