BFG noob fixes


because you’re a mod


Ah, so this is where he switched to @Mr.E
Do we know who banned him?

This is what I get for being inactive for almost a year




I kinda miss his old account. Good times, I’m surprised he actually came back too.
The only relic we have that remains today is The Feels Megathread, which I’m happy is still active to this day.

If the mods are reading this, please just give the poor guy his account back, he was just speaking his mind. Hell, sometimes I speak in an uncensored tone as well. And to be fair, he did have a point. It’s not like he was unknown for doing this.

Sure, he broke the rules, but was that really the necessary response?


I’m still here motherfucker, still unkillable. How’s it going?

Also my accounts are meaningless to me, I think I still have more than 10 sleeper accounts for backup, so I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Also I broke the rules and really did deserve to be punished, the mods were right in that. Buuuut I just don’t really care if they were right or wrong, I still want to hang out here, so here I am.


This is exactly the attitude I like. You really dgaf about if your opinions hurt others. Plus you speak honestly. Something quite rare.