BFG noob fixes


I think the BFG is too easy to get. A torso 1sk sniper rifle unlocked at rank 65? No, that rank is too low. I’ve even seen rank 17 noobs buy it and slap BT on it. I think the BFG should be moved up to Rank 83 or more and the BT should be unlocked at 2500 kills.
I mean, look at these toxic noobs.

  • Don’t change BFG unlock Rank
  • Change BFG unlock Rank to 80 or higher
  • Change BFG BT kill requirement to 2500
  • Don’t change kills requirement for BT

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nah. They’re really easy to counter.


how? I just spawn in, there’s three rank 23 BFG BT spammers instaspawnkilling me?


Ultimately, the rank unlock won’t matter. Hell, with how many underranks are using the Hecate, the Hecate may as well be a low rank sniper rifle.


snipe em back without missing


You’re not stopping anyone by increasing the price. I mean, sure, Lito might do it anyway to fund his Crunchyroll subscription, but hey…


Just fucking slide around like a maniac and wait til they miss their shots and blow their heads off

Or sneak around their spawn while your teammates are distracting them and just LMG spam them, then go to their spawn and spawn trap them

That’s how I basically deal with them


Yet the intervention is okay. At rank 0.


you can only one shot someone with the intervention if you get a headshot, not to mention that the bullet drop is very weird. the bfg has barely any bullet drop and is a one shot to the body.


that would work… until you get one shot by a bfg user.


It wouldn’t work, until you respawn and snipe him back with the power of magazines


Grab a mf Scar-L and suppress that bitch


Uhhhh no. Go up to someone and shoot them in the chest anywhere within 100 studs. Because of the Intervention’s crazy damage and torso multi, they will instantly die at 100 health to a chest shot within about 100 studs.


Boi, the bullet drop’s the same for all the snip-dips.




You can one shot someone with a BFG to the chest from almost any range. Quit defending the laser beam.


False. There is almost no bullet drop with the BFG.


You sir are correct, but wrong too.

The BFG is not only the slowest firing weapon in the game, but also the slowest moving, and one of the slowest reloading. The ability to one hit kill to the torso is insignificant in the long run. It makes things easier, but not better. And if you disagree with that point, you’re even more of a fucking idiot than I originally thought.

Nope, I was right when I pegged you as a fucking idiot. If you actually played the game, you would do this little trick. Equip any sniper. Now go into advanced stats. Now look at muzzle velocity. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Has a muzzle velocity of 3000, with the exception of the AWS. The bullet drop for the BFG is no different from that of a Nagant. Therefore your point is moot.

You want facts? I’ll give you some facts.

1. The BFG is the worst sniper rifle
2. The BFG is not a good weapon in any sense of the word
3. The BFG is not overpowered
4. The BFG is either the worst, or the second worst weapon in the game.
5. ANYONE who complains about the BFG being too good are wrong, stupid, and clearly cannot comprehend anything about what makes a weapon good or bad. It’s almost just like your taste in youtubers.

Suggested weapon buffs/nerfs

I concur with your points, though calling him a fucking idiot goes a bit far.


he’s banned until 3019 so