Best memories


What are your best memories you had playing CoR? Mine was getting thrown into the sky from glitchy game mechanics :joy: I miss that game, i hope they bring it back soon :pray:t2::heart:


Not playing it




I actually always hated CoR5.
I bought the testing/alpha and the game launched a week or so later (wow great use of cash) then I played the actual game and learned it was an unbalanced mess and hated almost every hour I played of it.

Nowadays I think it was because I was younger and childish. It probably wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be.


At least phantom forces was better right


I played the game almost every day when I got home from school, then kinda drifted off for a long time. I came back in its later days and played it until the very end, for at least a few months.

Those days were the best. I was a better person back then.


I died right before I threw a grenade and the guy that killed me decided to run near my body and the nade kills him.


I’ve got lots of fond memories of CoR. Just playing for hours and hours back when I had nothing better to do. It was a great game for the time.


Aye, shame it’s gone.


Sniping people with a Suppressed M1 Garand. 2-hit headshots for days.

Not to mention it had one of very few telescopic sights that were actually properly aligned.


I have memories of throwing Molotovs and sniping with the Kar98K with my cousin over Google Hangouts (Discord didn’t exist, don’t hate)
Good memories.




they scrapped it why don’t we make a remake of it


I could take this to hart most people hated because they weren’t around to play it or just reject the concept I loved because I made more friends who could fit with me in a hated nitch, How ever I think PF is cancer because of how mainstream it is, and a community that doesn’t really understand.
also this know for the PF so COR 5 bound to be hated because, look how cool PF its soo gimmicky and “COOL”. just call this forum the PF forum.


Good sweet christ what’s up with all the google translate kids recently.