Become a mod?


Hey i was just about to do that


Catto stay backo


Yeah, I think we need more mods tbh. (this doesn’t mean PM me to apply either, i’ll chose myself)


Y do yall need more mods?


Well, lately I’ve been less active on here, it’d be cool to have someone summarize what people have suggested, etc.



I faillllllleeeeeeddddd


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo im heppy


have hope my child


Well I could do that for you but I would not need mod capabilities.
There are a few things I want to see in phantom forces that it seems like the developers are intentionally avoiding (you know, like the m2 carbine, m14, fal and all that stuff)
I would be happy to summarize things for you if you want it.


it would be more of a volunteer position because I really do not have much interest in becoming a full on mod.


i must say hackers are a problemo in game its a shame roblox doesnt give a flying f~~k about hackers.
lets have a poll

  • Teleporting hackers
  • flight hackers
  • standing in one place and killing you with a knife hackers
  • god mode hackers
  • nice hackers that give you exp

0 voters

choose witch one you h8 the most


Knifing someone is basically godmode


I hate all. They are still kill able!

Now, all of you,



Smash ok




But why?




who in jesuses name said this was a good idea




We don’t see much of you around here lately?