BathAndSalts - The Purge


Hello, I went to the SS teamspeak, minutes after, BathAndSalts decided to ban a few people for I don’t know what the reason was.

I need answers (this message forwards to Moderators, Admins, Especially the Head of Mod and Admin, as much as possible, The other Higher ups as well.)

[Teamspeak] BathAndSalts banned multiple people for some reason

Yeah, its a major issue. These bans were admin abuse, so don’t think these are actual bans for good reasons.

We’re working to resolve all the bans.

Edit: We removed all the bans.


Damn. I was asleep. the moment I do my rounds, and go to sleep this happens. Jesus. Mohammed. Christ.


I left for two fucking days and this happens. ಠ_ಠ


Does this means that position is open? c:

I’m right here <3


idk what all of this is about but i think the people that banned you and others they were ust plain ASSHOLES i mean really just ban someone for no good reason in just BULLSHIT excuse my french but i need you guys to understand that banning someone for no reason is not what people should do


Prone1619, you don’t understand since this was literally a troll purge ban as a former admin has given power to a former member.


ok i under stand now


They want to commemorate this final time with having administrative privileges by setting it off with a big ban to themselves by banning me, and other 15± clients. They said they were fed off with this “cancer community/teamspeak”, and they did by getting their inner childishness and AA.


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oh my goodness @toothless…you don’t want people talking in an old topic so you close it, i get it, but if they aren’t able to do anything in it why not just make it not able to be viewed?


so people can see me say dont revive old topics


k :+1: