Ban land - the new way for exploiters to continue playing


Accidentally report him owo


I’m going to hack on my alt and record and ban it with my main so i can colonize banland using my alt


No, its all the same, only difference is that data doesnt save.


so banland is basicly a vip server?


But better


soo. aglorified vip server but absloutely in ruins. i need my alt banned


If there is a way to get in without being banned please tell me


it’s not a vip server, ban land isnt a single server either


Oh… is it like when a game has multiple places?


This is why. no way until this


Unironically uses shitty dubstep and Notepad to commentate

That is fucking beautiful


i feel like every hacking video will either be some kid that uses dubstep and notepad, or some indian guy




Not that name tho is actually called cheat engine


No im referring to the fact that he plays shitty dubstep and uses a notepad to talk instead of a mic.


Or even just editing on text. Like what kind of retard uses notepad to speak


Something more interesting that he is actually really bored when he is editing his video so it used to be retarded notepad


The only good reason I’d ever find someone using a Notepad for commentary is because they can’t edit videos for shit.


Some people even go to a lower low. They use the default roblox recording software (records at 360p) and they use the chat to speak to their viewers


Yeah I’ve seen that before. Pretty cringe