Ban land - the new way for exploiters to continue playing


I’ve created a system where anyone banned will be able to play again, however the way it works is all banned players play with other banned players, and normal players have no way to play with them. Keeping them separate from normal players.

Basically, a exploiter-fest or ban-land as people are calling it. Anyone banned is technically stuck there forever until they appeal.




So basically it will be all hackers on a server? No wonder I saw a announcement saying want to see all exploiters in one server?


I love it.


Wonder is we could spectate all those hackers aimboting everyone


Could we @toothless is we could how?


Can someone record how’s life in Ban Land?

I’m actually curious.


it’s literally just mass killing and no clippers everywhere, then like 70% of the players claim they were falsely banned.

it’s also ironic when they try to votekick or want the ones exploiting to be gone, when they are in that server for doing the same thing to others.


Fascinating… This should be studied and researched for the advancement of man kind.


Oof, Very oof.


cue angelic hallejeuahs


cool, and good


I want to see what this wasteland is like,
anyone know any PF hacks from 2014 that are 100% patched and trying to use them gets you a ban instantly?


I’d create an alt account just to see this


I wouldn’t try doing that.


I don’
want this stuff
in my search history
combined with whatever else you’ll find


I can’t wait for my Hecate friend (he has a 40 round full auto Hecate 2) to join the server


Imagine…a normal player comes on ban land and all the hackers are so stupid then the normal player somehow rekts them all!


I think I saw someone in the Discord trying to report other hackers in the banland



Wonder how this’ll turn out… aimbot vs aimbot (I would actually pay to see this)