Armour Piercing and Hollow Points

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Never NEVER!!!


Can confirm despite Before high RPM, UMP is still King of ACPs


This update is already failing


Totally unaware


Ok boss


Considering with HP the UMP 45 is a 3hko at ALL RANGES
Headshot or Bodyshot regardless.
But since Shay is planning on nerfing HP range, hollow cone grants less wind resistance = Less velocity = more bullet drop which may equal less damage at range just to fuck UMP 45 hollow point moreover) the Vector would take top PDW.
It would appear that every single weapon that has an alternate ammo as an attachment will have half the initial ammo reserves, thus making the vector go from 150 munitions, down to a measly 75, furthermore discouraging people to not use HP on the Vector.



Don’t know how to feel about this


Wrong you are. HP UMP 45 will live on




no u




Just saying you are being a hypocrite because you are adding to him reviving the tread


and you’re in no place to criticize because you’re also responding


While you two are arguing about a dead thread, I’m just going to add more into this necromancy because I’m a jackass.