Armour Piercing and Hollow Points

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Hollow should do more damage tbh, shooting at targets make the rounds fragmentate, yes making them not penetrate more, but doing more damage. So dont expect lots of collaterals with them.




Thats what they do


At least there’s no hollow point for the BFG xddd


More damage than they already do.


AP ammo is very op for weapons that has 19 long range damage

Example: 35-19 damage


Kinda disappointed about HP ammo for M1911 is not one shot to the head.


Some weapons are broken with the new ammo types, but nonetheless, a good way to shake up the Meta.

AP rounds on the Model 1858 is a headshot machine! :wink:


suggest plastic mines


I wish the moist nugget had AP


And nerf the ap on the sfg pls it goes through 15 studs of walls and shit


Shit-ton of CTE nostalgia
Remember the CTE rounds?


y no HP Mosin, am sad

Cannot into 1 shot close range

Am sad


I’ll have to try that out sometime.


AP needs 1,000 kills. HP needs 2,000.


200 kills to HP on RPK



They nerfed the AP ammo. why you do this to me




*cough cough muzzle break and com0ensator description on an94 cough coughj