Armour Piercing and Hollow Points

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Hello my dudes, welcome to another stupid post that i usually make. So as of 21 January 2018, update 3.4.0 rolled in.

What they introduced, apart from the M1858 New Army Revolver, is that they added Armour Piercing and Hollow Point rounds

What is AP and HP?

IRL properties

Armour Piecring rounds allow you to pierce through armour irl, but since theres no such thing as Kevlars in PF, we have the next best thing. Walls

Hollow Point rounds are rounds that make your bullet smash into a tiny plate on impact (wait, dont all bullets do?) and they do not have a proper tip, they have a hollow tip, just look at this 9mm

In-game properties

Disclaimer: i used the RPK as a demo gun for this. It’s my most used gun in the game sooooooo?

Armour Piercing rounds can penetrate walls far better than a normal round and what they do is increase minimum damage on all guns

Hollow Points rounds allow the gun to increase their max damage, but at a cost of reducing wall penetration

So here’s the base damage and wallbang of the RPK

24 PM

got it?

now heres the AP

17 PM

For some odd reason, the AP makes the Minimum damage of the RPK go waaaaay higher than the Maximum damage, like look at this!

Now for the HP

03 PM

Kills needed

Armour Piercing: 1000 kills
Hollow Point: 2000 kills owo

Something trivial

The Heckler and Koch MP7 and FN Herstal P90 are PDWs, which are essentially SMGs with AP rounds, so therefore if you equip the AP rounds onto these PDWs, you can actually simulate the real MP7 and P90 (sans armours reeeeeeee)

A Warning

There’s no AP or HP for snipers, rip my Mosin with HP :frowning:

so what do you think?

  • I like these new rounds
  • I like the AP
  • I like the HP
  • I hate this update
  • FAL (i know, but please legit choose something else)

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Kill amount needed?


oof i forgot


I akksept your apology.


Okay, for once I didn’t vote FN FAL.

I didn’t test the new rounds yet, but they sound cool.

I’ll have them cause I have 455+ kills on every wea…

Well… back to grinding…


when people sell skins they can easily get them new ammo types soooooooooo


Now i can wallbang thru buildings and buildings. Cool


You can’t equip the Hollow and Armor ammo’s on the BFG 50, but you can on the SFG 50? whut?
Also Mosin Nagant can’t, Obrez can.




isn’t there some international thing against hollow points

The Contracting Parties agree to abstain from the use of bullets which expand or flatten easily in the human body




T-t-they a-a-added HP an-and AP r-r-rounds?

Di-did they con-con-consider someone’s s-s-suggestion?

I am speechless. It is quite possible that they considered my post on HP and AP or someone else’s.

And hey, I guess I can now be that annoying wallbanger!

Puts AP rounds into SR-3M


Dude. This isn’t real combat.

This is Phantom Forces.

Real combat Morales do not apply here.


time to make another thread suggesting every weapon banned from international warfare




I love the effort they put into these descriptions, good work team!



Hollow Point on Vector makes the UMP’s 2HK irrelevant.And any other SMG


For once the UMP 45 is defeated.
Luckily, I switched to maining the vector…


How do you equip these ammo types?


it’s in the misc attachments


M60 with AP?

Wall bang time…