Aquarium Map Changes (I'm back)


It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

The master of community polls is back, baby. Anyway, to catch you guys up, I’ve been busy in the SCMCP. On the first of the year, I left being a reviewer due to time restraints regarding college. Ever since then, I’ve been helping out with people’s reviews, giving advice for some map makers, and generally helping around. Anyway, on to the important part. I’ve been building connections and I’m proud to announce that I’m now the co-dev of Aquarium World.

We’ve gotten our reviews back and have been working on Aquarium tirelessly. We understand that the map is quite maze-like and needs more routes that actually get you where you want to go. Moreover, we also recognize that Hill is a choke mess. After a couple days of plotting and constructing, we finally got these issues fixed and more. We resubmitted these changes in the SCMCP and were returned with absolutely positive results. We’ve given Shay the new version of Aquarium and are currently waiting for them to be added to the test place.

If you wish to see these changes for yourself, check them out over at the Roblox place.
Here’s a short photo gallery I took of the important additions.

If you wish to give feedback, please do!
(Do note that all designs are not final, every single solid color wall will most likely get changed sometime later. The only thing we care about at the moment is making the map work, then we’ll make it look better. All sponge-like blocks are temporary replacement models. Most bugs in the old version currently in test place have been addressed.)


Maybe a 6.5/10
First of all, I hate the barrenness and lack of shit.
It needs more clutter.
I feel like an aquarium also needs a shit ton more aqua-related stuff, because last time I checked, aquariums generally have more aqua-related stuff instead of blank spaces where tanks are supposed to be


Also, we do not wish to clutter the map. We’ve gotten enough complaints that the map is too claustrophobic. Creating a mess would be a major detriment.


why not add particles


That’s an excellent question. When we get to redesigning, I’ll definitely consider discussing it.



Here’s a couple more images for people who don’t want to walk around in the roblox place. No, you cannot access the parking lot.


like particles of debris like paper

(add on to the 1st particles post)


Fascinating, I can think of a few places that could use subtle debris. Don’t expect it in the near future, but I’ll consider it during the last few phases of detailing.


add Nemo saying “Have u seen my dad” somewhere ;D


or this image but censor the F word



hmm… I’ll uh… definitely… consider that…

That’s not the strangest request I’ve gotten. I’ve had a few people on the subreddit ask me to add a Shay body pillow somewhere in the stalls. I need to remind Robotic (main aquarium dev) that I’m not exactly for doing that.


Oh boy, I do like me a good map. :slight_smile:

I didn’t have time to do a full look around so here are some things I could think of:


I found this quite amusing.


I genuinely had a great time running around, finding different areas with different aesthetics. The top floors have a bright, minty feel. Then the downstairs sections have this dark, deep-sea atmosphere that I find captivating. Great job with that stuff! I would like the lights to be dimmer in the second picture though.


So the first problem I have is with that large car park. Is this not a spawn? I would’ve thought one team would be inside and out the venue. Just a thought. I would, however, like to know the intended spawns.

Below these stairs will seat campers. There are two of these gaps, so maybe cover up the one with the most coverage/that is the most useful with a box or something to prevent this?


Railings, please.

I’m afraid of what this corridor will become. It’s made of glass and is accessible… will the floor break? Will players be able to jump down from there? That’s way too much freedom in my opinion. Also, it doesn’t look right to me. Maybe add in some beam… things… yeah.

Wood grain.


I’m glad you like the poster, making it was one of my first steps to becoming co-dev of aquarium.

Regarding the car park, we don’t plan on making it an accessible area. Before the lot was expanded, you could access it, but we have since removed that feature. The large lot was made to fill visual space as the old version was tiny and awkward. If you wish to find spawns, each spawn should be marked by blue and red boxes on the floor (blue being ghosts and red being phantoms. Yes, it’s backwards, no clue why it’s like that, it just is).

I do agree with adding some stuff to block the underside of the staircase. I’m unsure if we had planned that long ago and simply forgot. I’ll be adding that to my list of things to work with.

I’ll see what I can do about railings. We haven’t gotten to our detailing phase, so most of the design isn’t finished.

Your graphics settings are too low, I can tell because the upper tunnel looks like a rave. This is an issue I’ll get around to. Also, all fish tanks are bullet proof at the moment. You will not be able to break any of that glass. To make this consistent, I may just remove all the normal, breakable glass

Wood planks are hard.

Anyway, If you want to get a feel for the old version of the map, try it out in the test place. The map should be updated by Sunday, I’ll message here once the test place updates Aquarium. (Note: there’s a bug that allows you to jump through some of the fish tanks. I’m well aware of it and have already fixed the issue)


I can make the model for you if youd like


doesn’t even look like roblox!


I love the generosity, but Robotic is an excellent modeler. We make our own stuff.