Annoying Weapons to Come Across

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Collab with @TheHero

Here are some weapons that we think are just purely annoying to come across, though aren’t really OP.

Honey Badger

It’s a good gun, though not OP, but it’s definitely annoying to see when every 9 year old mains it. Like good grief child!!

Kriss Vector

Lots of those recently. High fire rate, good damage, but generally balanced by small magazine.

More to come.

KSG 12

Can be annoying to deal with in combat, borderline OP before the nerf recently. Hella high capacity, decent range even after post-nerf. RPM that’s almost on-par with the Spas. And that low-rank unlock isn’t helping matters, seeing a Rank 5 outgun you is just heartbreaking.

BFG 50

Far from overpowered, yet still annoying to die to one. Not because it’s hard to counter, but because you actually let yourself get scoped by the most underwhelming gun in the game. Really makes you question your situational awareness and skill.


A really good Assault Rifle. An all out upgrade to the M4A1 statistically. But it’s low recoil at range and hella high accuracy makes this annoying to come across. Generally used by rank 70-80’s as well, clearly taking advantage of the new meta. It’s reasonable damage keeps this gun from being borderline overpowered.


No doubt that an S-tier weapon would appear here. This weapon is good, like REALLY good. When a skilled user comes across and outguns you in CQC, you’re really going to feel defeated. Which you should. They worked hard to earn this weapon from the gods.(assuming they didn’t buy it, that’s a double whammy right there on the annoyance scale).

FAL 50.00

Ah yes, another S-Tier weapon. This thing is incredible at range and up close. And when used properly, you don’t really have very many counters, as this can easily outgun snipers and DMR’s. Very effective against melee users too.

I’ll come up with more soon. I’ve got homework to attend to at the moment.


every fucking shotgun


this is not annoying, you just have to marvel their high intelligence
, knowledgeable, and astute brain


Not saying I disagree with what you said, but this is the most blatant example of ass-kissing I’ve ever seen in my life.



Although it’s annoying to use sometimes (cough cough 65 RPM), it’s also annoying to come across. Like, not even the AA-12 and SPAS are as common.


Good fucking god the Karambit. When most of the melee are just reskins of the knife, the Karambit is far and away one of the most common melee to come across. In a game where you can be rather ridiculous with melee choice, you pick basically a glorified standard knife. I’ve voiced my opinion often enough on the Karambit to know that I despise it. Not because it’s disproportionately OP to other melee, but because it’s so fucking common. GOOD. GRIEF. CHILDREN.

FALs (excluding Para Shorty)

Not so much statistically or even how commonly used it is as it is practically worshipped like a god. The 50.00 is a good battle rifle at any range, but it’s just slow to handle. Like, LMG slow. Good, but far from being the best gun in the game.

Sniper rifles in CQB

Shotguns exist for a reason, people. While the Mosin, SVU, and Steyr get a free pass due to actually needing to hit the head up close, it’s still annoying to die in one hit to a fucking sniper rifle. This is doubly annoying when I shoot first with a shotgun. Fun fact: the only time I’ve broken something over PF was when I was quickscoped point blank while I was using Stevens. While I shot first, but did no damage. It was a mouse.


Speaking of dying in one hit, getting randomly one-shotted by a frag I haven’t seen is especially annoying. There’s something about just randomly throwing a frag, not even being near a target, then suddenly getting killed by one that just tilts me.

Extendo mags AS Val/Glock 18

Apparently it never crossed the devs’ minds until two years after the fact that maybe, just maybe, lengthening the reload on a gun with extendos would make extendos a bit more balanced, or reducing movement speed. Not reducing ADS speed. Fucking everyone runs grips regardless of whether or not they actually help. Do they actually think reducing ADS speed on extendos actually balances them?!
Also, no, you don’t need to run extendos on G18 with the fire rate buffed. It’s called trigger control. Learn it.


Burst spam can just go die in a hole. It’s burst, not automatic. You’d think fellow high ranks would get the distinction. NOPE.


HK416, Karambit, Chosen One


lol ive been killed with it like 5 times
ive been killed more times with the scar srr


R870 for me


m16a4 is good though, it isn’t really annoying to die to, honestly I am proud of the bursters who kill me with it, rather than an lmg or shotgun.


Like I said, burst spam can go die in a hole. There’s nothing wrong with burst in general, but I’ve seen far more burst spammers than I have seen people actually burst firing.


You mean the people that use autoclickers that turn Burst into Auto?
Goddamn hate those.


People who just spam burst too, though yeah, they need to die too.


Imagine the M4 (not the M4A1) with an autoclicker.

Oooh boy


dumbest thing on the A4 as well as the M93R,which doesn’t even make sense for it since it’s 3 rounds per one trigger pull, good god devs i want my og burst back.


Due to the fact it’s actually worse to burst it like you would in any other FPS since all your shots just go straight up since the recoil doesn’t die down.




DBV-12 spammers and trench mace users pre-melee hitreg update and of course birdshot on any spammy shotgun