About CoR 5


Is there any time frame in which the CoR 5 “remake” will be released? If there isn’t, can you hotfix the current one? :3
Sincerely, a fan of CoR 5


COR5 might be revamped after PF gets done. That’s what the devs said in a stream a few months ago.


PF is done? The game is currently out of beta if that’s what you mean, but a time frame of “being done” with PF isn’t a time frame. There’s still that list with 400 guns they were planning on adding. Games don’t “get done”, you either abandon the project or quit the roblox platform all together.


That list is severely outdated and they already made that list unofficial. They are not following that list anymore when it comes to new gun content.


Regardless, when are they supposed to finish PF?


Sometime in the future ™




I think next year or 2019


The CoR5 remake is already in the makings, and I doubt there is any way of “hotfixing” the current version of it…


There is no such thing as a finished game. If a dev were given an extra month to work on the game, they would absolutely take it.

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Any clues of a release date?


@no5712 I believe Cor5 is in the remaking process.


No, and don’t expect anything soon either.


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what I meant by hotfixing was a way for it to get out of that darned “under review” thing by roblox, which I assumed is because the chat doesn’t properly censor inappropriate words


im just saying what the devs said in a stream… ;-;




A hotfix implies a really small and quick fix, which I doubt there is for that problem.
And even if there was I doubt they have any interest in doing it.


Smart corgi.


if the problem is that it’s not properly censoring words, isn’t that an easy fix?