A couple of ways to deter appeals on the website


NONONONO dont close this topic. This topic is dedicated to stopping the ban appeals posted on the forums. I have some ideas.

  1. We can add this text to the top of the page, in super large bold font so nobody can miss it.
    SUBMIT YOUR BAN APPEALS ON THE STYLIS DISCORD: https://discord.gg/stylis

  2. We can automatically redirect someone to the ban appeal process when they try to make a ban appeal post. This can be detected when someone makes a post that contains more than 75% of these words/phrases

  • I was banned
  • I was not hacking
  • I wasn’t hacking
  • My account was banned
  • banned
  • hack
  • hacking


this seems nice but i havent seen much people creating topics of them being banned


I was banned from coolmathgames.com


banned for ban appeal



I got banned from unblockedgames69.gov


1 is possible but people will likely ignore the message. though it might help pjist a little bit

however, 2 is impossible to do on Discourse platform. any features that involve redirecting or adding badges or anything that requires extra programming would have to go to Discourse directly.

what’s more, what if there is some malicious Discourse that if you put in a keyword, you get redirected to a malicious website?

good idea, but practically impossible


I got banned from a random freebuild Minecraft server for having a high finger click speed.