4.1.0 Changelog [Winter Update 3]


Plenty of Saigas, though SPAS users are few and far in between, it’s most likely because they pay no mind to the SPAS to begin with, especially with Saiga.

A better way to handle this would be to buff the SPAS to 220 RPM to fit more with the DBV’s 250 RPM rate, and leave the other pump shotguns at pre-Winter Update fire rates.

Yes, including the KSG. They kinda ruined its niche.


bye bye mosin


Omfg this is the reason these types of sniper rifles have to go ,hitting the head is too easy too bad they can’t make the head hit box smaller…


just get a Scar-L dude. Scar-L makes it hard due to its HARD SUPPRESSION.


Oh wait,I can just use the SVU


Only important thing is the votekick fix. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Steyr Scout is cool and all but now we have a Votekick system to target hackers that actually has a chance of working. Glad to see Stylis monitoring their game; always nice when devs address current issues/loopholes and make the game more enjoyable for the rest of us.

It should also, being a dynamic system, sap less time away from the devs who would otherwise be employed on anti-cheats. Now the players can give the hackers the boot themselves.



  • Hotfix for potential issue where maps are not deleted after a match
  • Moved vote kick threshold to 50%


hopefully that’s better than it was, since it’ll be 10-15 votes now I guess


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What? Don’t believe me?



Seems legit


join date flashbacks


Um… Why’d you make machine pistols deal more damage at range than most PDWs?


Cause why not. And now the g18 has a shit ammo pool (nerfed in the last update)