4.1.0 Changelog [Winter Update 3]


Oooh, A third winter update, On new year!



  • Added the Steyr Scout!
    • Found in Sniper Rifles.
    • Unlocked at Rank 195, making it the new highest ranked gun in the game.
    • Only 3 hits to the body no matter what range, but can still 1 hit headshot.
    • Faster fire rate than the Mosin Nagant.
    • 8+1 magazine size, making it the 2nd biggest magazine sniper only beaten by the AWS.
  • New optics include:
    • DDHB Reflex.
    • OKP-7
    • Barska Electro
    • Leupold M8-6x
      • Exclusive to the Steyr Scout.
  • Everyone gets $2019 free credits for joining this week as New Year bonus!


  • AK103 and AK105 now has a different recoil pattern.
  • AK105 minimum damage buffed from 19 to 20!
  • Serbu Shotgun range buffed from 30 -> 60 to 40 -> 80!
  • TEC-9 damage buffed from 25 -> 17 to 28 -> 20!
  • TEC-9 range buffed from 20 -> 50 to 30 -> 60!
  • Glock 18 damage buffed from 28 -> 19 to 30 -> 20!
  • Glock 18 range buffed from 20 -> 50 to 20 -> 60!
  • Remington 870 damage buffed from 33 -> 24 to 35 -> 24!
  • Remington 870 fire rate changed to 75!
  • KSG-12 damage nerfed from 35 -> 21 to 33 -> 21!
  • KSG-12 fire rate changed to 85!
  • KS-23M fire rate changed to 65!
  • DBV12 fire rate changed to 250!


  • Added a sparkle effect to the JKey!
  • Adjusted positions and settings for many optics!
  • Reverted the Coyote Sight’s reticle to a dot!
  • Sniper scopes now display the black scope effect sooner in the aiming transition!
  • Adjusted kill requirements for new scopes from Winter Update 1
  • Fixed more attachment/loadout issues
  • Voting prompt will now open at the end of a round and wait for a 20 second timer before finalizing voting results
  • Fixed CTF timer issues
    • Fixed flag drop time and reveal time being greater than 60 seconds
    • Will most likely also fix flags appearing after a match has finished
  • Testing new WIP team balancing algorithm:
    • Metric is based on: (kills - deaths)/(playtime)
      • play time is computed as first spawn to end of round
      • only the last 2 hours of play time is taken into account
  • Adjusted stats for hollow point attachment
  • Reduced backwards gun model recoil across all guns by 50% when aiming
  • Fixed issue where shooting up close to an object can cause bullets to ignore and spawn past the object (i.e. wall, windows, targets, ect.)
  • Fixed damage stats display in menu UI for attachments
  • Reduced vote kick threshold to 25% of server population

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I bet this was what we all wanted for a long time


Well crap.

3000 stud/s is okay for the supposed “skill sniper” and being a direct upgrade to the Mosin is okay, but not the Remington 870 or KSG firing as fast as pump actions can in reality?

I wonder how much harder the devs want to buttfuck shotguns while making snipers even easier to use.


Thank god


Indeed, and not only that.
Also Fire Rate got nerfed.



Feck off bot


Okay. I see that the devs like buffing guns that were ALREADY THE FUCKING META.

This may actually be worse than the Honey Badger buffs. Wew. Can’t wait for every fucking skid and their grandparent to use this as their secondary.

Hey, at least they didn’t buttfuck more shotguns, right?

You’re fucking serious?! Is fucking PetRify balancing this shit?! 1. 870 was the farthest thing from needing a nerf. I guess this was only done to align with the KSG’s nerf. 2. KSG was only ever good in CQB, and with this rebalance the KSG is going to be shit in CQB as well, I guess.

KS-23M really needed that buff, given how it was literal shit after its nerf. DBV getting a fire rate buff? Really? I mean, it’s kinda nice, but given the other nerfs, the DBV is going to trounce every single shotgun up until about rank 65 or whenever the Saiga is unlocked.

Serbu is officially the best pump action in the game now. Not only is it a secondary with a buffed range, but it also didn’t get its fire rate nerfed to shit.


Can we just appreciate this:

And this:



Sure, KSG may have been nerfed

But Glock 18, Honey, and Kriss skids still exist. And all except the Kriss got fucking buffed.

This has to be sabotage. There’s no fucking way the buffs should only targeting guns used by the meta. The only two guns out of that list that aren’t used to death by the meta are the Serbu and DBV, and they weren’t terrible to begin with.


Sure, half the shotgun class may have been buttfucked by nerfs, but hey, at least we have another fucking 3000 stud/s bolt action with the same bloody headshot kill and the same bolt-action and the same-ish reload speed and the same fucking Ballistics Tracker compatability! /s


The glock 18 is good and needed this buff sinse in the last update or two they reduced the ammo pool for it. Ksg deserved this.


They reduced the extendo mags ammo pool, not the main ammo pool. And extendo mags as an attachment needs to burn in hell.

How so? KSG was never that good beyond CQB. Now it’ll just be literal shit, ESPECIALLY compared to the DBV.


I have seen sweaty 5 year olds using it as a sniper


COUGH COUGH can’t 1-hit headshot from far away with slugs COUGH COUGH RNG spread at long range COUGH COUGH


Did you sleep great?




That’s good


What a strange question to ask…



He stayed up till 4am (in his time)


Aww, thought there might be something else going on “wink”