30 glitches/bugs and broken things in fan-tomb-four-siz


my laptop has an ssd…


mine has an HDD and a port for an SSD. i dont want to spend way too long installing an SSD.

go away


YES! Finally, someone actually tried to end it.

God bless you.


Is the meme AWMan annoying now?




It was becoming overused. Despite my love for the * L115A3 *, saying the same thing can get repetitive.

That being said, if the meme is executed properly and it catches me off guard, I will still laugh despite how stupid it is.


Crane is so fucking broken… I sold my skin unlocked melees because it outclassed pretty much everything and now it needs 5 swings to even land a hit. There is almost no reason to use one anymore when you could just get a suppressed deagle or something. Single headshot kill like a melee but also possible from the front and at a longer range plus the BONUS of ACTUALLY having a chance to kill someone when you click.


aren’t HDD and SSD ports the same? I mean they both use the SATA interface soooooooooooo:thinking:


not for my laptop.

it uses a different kind of SDD


it uses

M.2 PCIe ssd cards


Stylis, please fix :weary:

I don’t think these are supposed to occur…


tactical grip


Wasn’t this fixed in the test place?


I hope so, otherwise we’d be seeing AP Interventions again.


I saw Lito trying to fix it on stream.
It was a pain for him though.