30 glitches/bugs and broken things in fan-tomb-four-siz



  1. image Pretty obvious.

  2. Big Fat Gae

  3. image
    Borderline underpowered. Now you have to be some really exact distance for the Raycast shit to work, melee are becoming as useless as the ones in Arsenal…

  4. If you slide onto obstacles about 10 times, you can only slide a very small distance after that.

  5. image
    Fucking nerf this shit, its an upgraded version of the M60

  6. did the balancing guy leave stylis or what? last actual balance changes we got was 8 damn months ago

  7. image

  8. image
    you get this when you press F5

  9. image (Showing server version)

  10. image Mac-10 btw

  11. image this has been empty for 2 fucking years (or more)

  12. image ok this is roblox but still

  13. image saiga birdshot

  14. image you thought orbeez was bad

  15. image no one wants to see this of a shotgun…

  16. image same thing as the AWMan

  17. image SFG (BFG doesn’t have this btw)

  18. image this has been sitting here for like 15 minutes

  19. image this thing in metro keeps on shaking

  20. Why is scope colour still not added after 5 weeks???. They said they were deciding the number of kills you need to get the feature !?! for what do you get paid stylis people, for writing bullshit excuses?

  21. image old one but still

  22. when some shitty ass hacker has a name like “lIlIIlll111” and you can’t tell the difference between the letters


  24. Fix the crane melee, this thing can’t hit people anymore literally. 10 times worse than any other melee

  25. image so what’s that earrape

  26. image
    how can every other secondary shotgun compete with this smh, even though this only has 4 bullets per shot.

  27. image huh

  28. image where’s the damn reticle

  29. image No I didn’t zoom in the photo

  30. image posted this few months ago
    And the bonus one…

  31. wonderful devs that make a game that is worth complaining (Also why did anyone make an IPad case of this eye cancering logo, it costs fucking 50 dollars)

Ok this took like 2 hours lmfao


AWMan, more like,



I only had to read up to here to figure out that this post is obviously satirical. Nothing is easier than running faster than everyone else, while being able to one hit kill as fast as you can spam click.


Go read my other post.They changed the hitreg system.


yeah no. you obviously dont pay attention to patch notes

melee hitreg was “fixed” meaning you have to be at a precise distance for the crane and other melees to hit. and this has to do with their blade location

the “blade” is pretty much a bullet fixed to the melee. and a lot of them are placed at bad spots. like the crane. the blade lays at the very tip of it, and anything closer will not register.

the most noturious for this was the hattori, where it’s blade is only the close half of the blade


Oh, there was a new change for melee hitreg. My apologies. The last memory I have of using melee was wiping an entire enemy team on the test place, and that was about a month ago.

It may not be great for melee users, but its better than the alternative of knives completely outclassing guns in close quarters. This is a first person shooter, and secondaries exist for a reason.


Can we all take a moment to realize someone named themselves GucciFlipFlopXL


I shall show this to the rest, and hope for the best.


Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? What I would do is decrease the movement speed of the knives and revert that hitreg change. So 14 movement speed for the smaller knives, and 13 for the lightsaber, hattori etc. Because now pressing F does absolutely nothing and might as well be removed.


How are knives supposed to outclass guns in close quarters? You do know what a gun is, right? This particularly applies to shotguns and automatic weapons.

Even without completely curbstomping PDWs and shotguns in a messy point-blank slide spaz, knives are still useful for getting silent kills and using no ammunition.


They are definitely supposed to outclass guns under the FIVE STUDS RANGE (To a certain extent at least). All I want is the hit reg back, not even talking about the backstab fix. Have you tried using the new knives? You have a about 10-20% chance of HITTING PEOPLE at the very very close range, and most of the time you can’t even 1 shot them. And talking about “Silent kills”, your sprint footsteps are very loud and any non-brainless player will be melting you down with some M60 before you even get close.


thats with long melees. i’ve figured out that smaller melees work better


ice pick got shadow buffed to a 1 shot in the face


Then don’t sprint. Simple as that.


You know if the shadow buff happened to other melees as well?


Unable to test, laptop hard drive failure for the 2nd time


And that is why I do not run 3rd party Chinese shit computers


Oh. ;-;


excuse me?

sorry? i have a dell inspiron 5577…

it has broken x2 seagate hdd drives


get n ssd BOI


do i have to say it again?


laptops run Hdd


dont tell me where to spend my money. i know how to fix this broke ass thing