2019 Rewind


This year’s youtube rewind has two possibilities:
a. susan wockickci realizes that youtube is kinda shit rn and makes a decent rewind
b. it’s just a fuck-pile of lele pons and “ad friendly” youtubers

Whatever it is, I’m almost scared to see the video. I mean, last year’s rewind was the most disliked video in the world, right? That’s gotta teach the YouTube Rewind department something… RIGHT?


One word: COPPA


this has been a shitty year for youtube.

this year dosent even deserve a rewind as far as i’m concerned


As someone who makes yt vids.
I can tell u i just want microsoft to bring out a yt competitor so i can switch




Whatever they do that we may like, it all feels like PR to me. YouTube released a tweet where they say they’re gonna go down the right path in the form of a pretty dead meme. Because of course they are, people are asking for Pewdiepie, and there is no doubt they will not include him this year. But my big concern is Will it be good even with Pewdiepie? he can’t carry the whole damn thing, hes gotta be supported by other desirable content creators and trending events of the year. YouTube needs to find a fine line between mainstream and internet culture because too much mainstream is repetitive and blatantly sucking the toes of these advertisers, and too much internet culture kinda ruins the culture itself. Hell, it shouldn’t even be a fight between mainstream and internet, just a video looking back on all trending music, content, and people of the year, regardless of who they appeal to. My problem with last year is blatantly ignoring truly trending people and topics in exchange for these faces that are too “corporate-safe”. Even Pewdiepie is a corporate-safe figure in my opinion. They need to take a risk and try to invest some screen time in considerably less safe content. After all, YouTube Rewind is made for the viewers and platform, not the corporations who are considering advertising. To be honest, I dont have high hopes, but it will at least be better than last year.


Coppa fucked youtube up


It’s probably gonna be trash

I’m just hoping for a Keanu Reeves cameo


Indian pop music.


a podcast episode that is mostly unrelated but has a true summary of why Youtube Rewind 2018 was shit



50 million views on YouTube


There is no way they’re gonna let themselves eat shit that hard after last year


Unless they don’t add actual trending things


And it has been released. YouTube Rewind 2019 is here. Here’s my thoughts:

2019 Rewind sure isn’t perfect. But the one thing it did right was show us that YouTube seems to be way more focused on the community than last year. Last year was a dumpster fire since they decided to go the Uber-Corporate-friendly way. It didn’t work out for them so well. And in the first moments of the video, they acknowledge this, which was a good move. When I posted the other day, I said the one thing YouTube needs to do is represent the community equally, without siding with mainstream or internet culture exclusively. And they did that very well. Some people will feel different since there is a lack of internet culture type content creators besides Pewdiepie and MrBeast, but YouTube went by the most popular content. And internet culture can never be more popular than mainstream. If it does, it kinda just becomes the new mainstream. At least there are a few internet type content creators in the first place.
The Top 10 format is a bit different for a Rewind, since they usually bring select creators in and film fuckall that relates to popular trending topics of the year, but YouTube wanted to highlight the most popular content of the year, so it works.
I see no actors, actresses, and Instagram “Comedians” taking and leading the whole thing, which I like, because their lack of humor or exposure to the YouTube community as a whole really pisses me off. They focused on who is popular, and i can at least appreciate that.

also fuck you lele pons you unfunny view whore looking ass crusty bitch

you too liza koshy

That being said, this isn’t a great or legendary Rewind by any means. The format they took feels far less lively and more rushed, but that’s only because YouTube was so scrambled this year, I assume. They really should’ve taken a look at all communities at least, even dipping their feet into the world of the popular creators of the more obscure sections of YouTube, Such as the meme community, possibly commentary channels, that sort of thing. They dont need to go showing all the bad shit, but at least need to take some more risk with that kinda content.

Final conclusion, Rewind 2019 is more of a step in the right direction. Focusing less on faces that make corporations shill out money for advertising, and more towards the community. And that they did. I’d rate this like a 6.5/10. It’s not the best, but it is one to show that YouTube is beginning to learn from their mistakes. Our complaints and criticisms are not in vain.


Rumors already spreading of botted likes and comments, since youtube is stuck in this damage control phase.

Nothing was ever perfect.


I didn’t like this year’s rewind because it removed the basis of all other rewinds, and that was a big get-together between various popular and rising channels. It’s very underwhelming to see that, rather than bring together those people who were in the top 5s or top 10s together, they took clips from videos from creators and chucked it in.

Rewind is supposed to be a celebration of success, not a WatchMojo-esque video. They’ve officially killed the party.

I don’t care that the past few rewinds were bad. The fact that it’s so memeable makes it great. To see YouTube back down from tradition because people didn’t like it is upsetting.

I think what’s happened is that rewind has become less of a commemoration and more of an appraisal thing. The video below is rewind 2014, featuring different popular content creators doing… whatever. From dancing, to lip-syncing with the music, to viral trends. Now we have rewinds that are merely “hey you like this person? here’s that person. u liek vidyu now?” There needs to be more done than to simply feature a creator and leave it at that.

Even the Kpop bit in 2018 could have been executed better. Rather than ANNOUNCE IT, mix it in with the music. They’ve done it before, I can’t see how this is so difficult.


meh, it was going to worse anyways,Ever heard the saying : “All good things must come to an end”? because it desribes this situation perfectly.


It’s not bad, but it could have been better. Things are way more different than last year’s corporate ad friendly bull-pockey. Look at Australian YouTuber LazerBeam: he’s not your definition of ad-friendly, he once went of PornHub for a YouTube video. But the fact that he was included, instead of unfunny shit like lele pons or corpse-filming trash like logan paul, means that maybe there may be a change for the better, and it shows that Susan Wcjkicji might be listening.


Handling the entire setup of the video was indeed very weak to me, and its quite a shame they couldn’t think to do something that is creative. This is YouTube after all, they could have a big budget to work with. It may not have been as bad as 2018 was, but it comes off as painfully forgettable. The only thing I can really remember from this video is the comment section, which literally consists of the exact same bullshit.
hurr durr youtube: heres what you did like

users: hurr durr we like to copy and paste the same comment hurr durr
I remember basking in Youtube Rewind 2018, thinking it was pure trash for not including the non-mainstream content creators that are essentially miles better than who they showed off. I remember seeing a comment that can be paraphrased as If youtube acknowledged the underground type content creators, they’d lose their value. And its changed my perspective on the whole mainstream vs. Underground Internet culture. We may feel like they’d enjoy our humor more, but once the masses start consuming it, it becomes the new standard, which kinda causes it to lose its value of being “underground” and “different”. Sometimes I look at events like these and I can at least appreciate them not featuring all the underground type people. Featuring the whole 2-3 content creators that a majority of people actually respect and appreciate seemed to come off more as a PR move than others. At this point, there’s nothing Youtube can really do to save face with these Rewinds, since coming together and shitting on the Rewind is now a bit of a community get-together, and really the only reason the video gets way more views than it should. Honestly, my expectations weren’t high, guess the only reason I gave it some decent praise was because it did surpass the extremely low expectations I had. of course, that reaction did not reach super high. The very fact that it even went that high above the set bar despite not going very far in terms of likability shows that Rewinds have fallen apart, if 2018 could set it that low.
I at least hope somebody puts out a community-made Rewind that can for sure be much more appreciated by everyone on YouTube, similar to PewDiePie’s Youtube Rewind 2018, but its actually good. I really enjoyed the collab between Grandayyy, Dolan Dark, and flyingkitty to make a far more enjoyable video that truly reflected on the year. Damn shame the corporations can’t do as well with a million-dollar budget as a few dedicated content creators with no budget, doing the shit for free. But then again, when was the last time a corporation actually focused on its community more so than the advertisers and other sources of revenue?