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  • RE: The team balancing algorithm is too balanced.

    fivefactor We are currently experimenting with a more proper system in test place currently. We don't place a player on a team internally until they spawn. This may cause issues with team spawning. But if this works well, we will find a workaround for that.

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  • RE: The team balancing algorithm is too balanced.

    This does bring up a interesting issue, we currently have no way to tell if a user is AFK and discount them from the team balancing stuff.

    If you want the factors used in the balancing it's essentially the following:
    3 Hours worth of data maximum old records are thrown out
    If the user has less than 15 minutes (1 Round) of data then we explicitly take their score as 0
    And we generate a "score" of that 3 hours worth of rounds like with this example pseudo code

    netkillsum = 0
    playtimesum = 0
    for round in 3hrs worth of rounds do
    	netkillsum = netkillsum + round.kills - round.deaths
    	playtimesum = playtimesum + round.playtimes
    score = netkillssum/playtimesum

    Then we sample that score for every player and put it in a hash table and sort it from greatest to least.
    Then we process players 2 at a time, one will go on phantoms the other will go on ghosts. Each team will have a "absolute" score which would be a sum of all the team members scores.
    Essentially it will guarantee each team will have at least one good player. Then after that it will try to keep the skill of each team somewhat similar.
    Though that obviously doesn't account factors if a player is AFK or such.

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