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  • Test Place 8-6-20 Feedback
    	> MG3KWS buffed walkspeed to 12 (from 11)
    	 No real reason this should be slower than the M60...
    	> Fixed misinformation in the tracerless description.
    	> UMP45 .40 conversion got some new stats.
    	 It wasn't really too great, I thought these new stats would help boost it's usefulness.
    	Exact Stats...
    		(+) -10% Camkickmax
    		(+) -12% Aimcamkickmax
    		(+) Range0 boosted to 80 (OG: 60)
    		(+) Range1 boosted to 120 (OG: 100)
    		(+) Min damage boosted to 24 (OG: 21)
    		(+) RPM boosted to 650 (OG: 600)
    		(+) +20% Bulletspeed (1800) (OG: 1500)
    		(+) 30 round magazine (OG: 25)
    		(=) -5% fire volume
    		(=) +15% fire pitch
    		(-) Max damage lowered to 32 (OG: 38)
    		(-) -25% Modelkickdamper 
    		(-) 120 spare rounds (OG: 125)
    		(-) Less common ammo type (obviously)
    	> AUG A3 can now be converted to fire .300 BLK
    		>> 2010 kill unlock
    		(+) More Damage
    		(-) Less Range, More recoil
    	> Saiga 12 can be converted to fire .308 winchester + 7.62x39mm + 5.56x45mm NATO
    	 Yes I know they eject shotgun shells. That's a problem I will try to address.
    	  Inb4 people still let me know about it.
    	> Saiga 12u extended magazine moved to ammo section to avoid conflicts with the conversions listed above.
    	 (Halloween Refinery)
    	> Adjusted some small things about LONG NIGHTMARE
    	> LABORATORY: fixed barriers
    	> THE STORM: Renamed to "Eye of the Storm", Made fog textures unable to be deleted by removing the smoke textures from your files, redid aspects / layouts of the map (made it more open) and reduced amount of fog for improved performance. Also brought back to rotation for testing.
    [PART 2] (Because I am a professional and forgot some things I wanted to do)
    	> Made 308 conversion raise S-12 min damage to 33 instead of just 30
    	> Krinkov Reloads a bit slower (Base ammo only)
    	> AK74, AK105, RPK74, KRINKOV, BIZON, TYPE 88-2 now use a different bolt pulling sound effect when reloading completely dry
    	> SAIGA 12U now has proper names with conversions
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  • TEST PLACE 8 - 1+3 - 20 FEEDBACK
    	> DARKHEART and VOIDSTAFF backstab damage set to 100 to (hopefully) fix some odd interactions with backstab mechanics. PF's code is strange.
    	> HK51B fire volume lowered. It was way too loud.
    	> M45A1 now uses the updated handgun ring sight(s) style.
    	> M45A1 now uses the alternate laser models the M1911 uses.
    	> AUG A2, AUG A3 PARA: Fixed sightmark alignment. Irons should be aligned now.
    	> AUG HBAR Changes:
    		>> Fixed sightmark alignment. Irons should be aligned now.
    		>> Lowered Aim-Cam speed, and increased Aim-Cam horizontal recoil just a little bit.
    		 Many said the HBAR was just a *little* too good, so I thought a little nerf to the accuracy would suffice. It doesn't need something huge just needs to stop being entirely a laser. It should rock a little more now.
    	> RPK12 irons properly aligned now. Found the problem!
    	> FAMAS uses steel casing bullets now to be more accurate to the real life FAMAS F1 which also used steel cased bullets.
    	> FAMAS ejects shells more properly now.
    	> .223 Remington ammo now uses steel cased bullets, mostly for visual variety.
    	> Super Armor piercing now uses blackened cases, mostly for visual variety.
    	> M60 Changes:
    		>> Penetration brought back up to 3.0 (from the 1.8 nerf last update).
    		>> RPM lowered to 550 (from 600).
    		>> Aimfire camera recoil made less effective. Not too hugely (I hope).
    		 So the m60 changes last update were not liked. Many brought up good points against the changes, so after taking them all into account I have decided this should be the way it is nerfed. Subject to change, I only hope it hurts its effectiveness without absolutely killing the light machine gun.
    	> MG3KWS can equip a new attachment: CUSTOM BOX MAG
    		>> 4000 kill unlock.
    		>> Slows down overall mobility and other factors in exchange for a much bigger box magazine.
    		 Exact Stats...
    			(+) 100 round box magazine.
    			(-) Slowed down reload. (M60 slow)
    			(-) Spare rounds lowered to 200.
    			(-) -20% Aimspeed
    			(-) -10% equipspeed
    			(-) -17% sprintspeed
    			(-) -17% aimwalkspeedmulti
    			(-) Overall aim+hip recoil is increased, specifically pulling to the left.
    			(-) -5% modelkickspeed
    	> The Storm
    		>> Properly taken off rotation now. It was meant to before but now it should actually happen.
    	> Long Nightmare (CTF) (FOR HALLOWEEN)
    		>> Fixed flipped spawns. Reworked flag position and removed unbreakable glass.
    	> Sewers (FOR HALLOWEEN)
    		>> Altered Emitter size of the sounds, as they didn't play properly on the map. Also, changed the roster of available sounds and how often they can play
    	> Suburbia (Battle)
    		>> Renamed to "SuburbiaBattle" so it can be easier to define.
    		>> Fixed COL errors and altered some lighting values. Mainly complete minus any flow changes if needed.
    	> Sag 40x scope now has reticle customization.
    	> NXS 5.5-22 (Intervention scope) now has reticle customization.
    	> Leupold Mark 4 (M107 scope) now has reticle customization.
    	> Leupold M8-6x + Leupold M8-2x can customize their reticles.
    	> NXS 8-32 (BFG scope) now has reticle customization.
    	> Hi-Power 8-32 (Remington 700 scope) now has reticle customization.
    	> Klassik LM (Wa2000 scope) now has reticle customization.
    	> Rolling a pocket knife skin no longer will break your game, sorry about that. Lol.
    	> Buffed Banjo quickstab recovery time. Should end faster now, it was really slow before.
    	> Banjo inspect animation changed. Should be more sensible now.
    	> AUG A3 PARA no longer has odd hardset values with the compensator. Not sure why they were there?
    	> Fixed AUG A3 PARA using two mounts at once for underbarrels. Very strange problem.
    	> MG3KWS custom box mag attachment due to frustration with balancing, and negative reception. 
    	 Perhaps return to it at a later point? For now it is set aside so other aspects can be worked on.
    	> BARSKA ELECTRO, COYOTE SIGHT, DDHB REFLEX SIGHT, MINI SIGHT, and DELTA SIGHT now mount on the slides of secondaries! 
    	> Every Classic-styled AK now pulls the bolt during a reload like the bizon does (with the right hand).
    	 Doesn't effect reload time. Sadly the saiga(s) aren't included.
    	> Saiga 12U reload speed increased.
    	> New Melee added! 	CLEMENTINE
    	 By Makosushi (Microsushi)
    		>> Rank 132 unlock
    		>> Two handed blunt
    		>> It's a Flying V guitar!
    		>> Pretty good, rounded stats all around.
    		>> Unique electric guitar riffs for every action, including inspection.
    	> New Melee added! 	RITUAL SICKLE
    	 Original model by POodros
    		>> Rank 49 unlock
    		>> One handed blade
    		>> An oversized sickle used by cultists!
    		>> A bit unwieldy, but deadly.
    		>> Headshots are devastating.
    	> Bazaar: Revamp
    		>> Spawns should be properly invisible now.
    		>> Moved CTF flag points.
    	> Green, Blue, and Red screen maps added (not into rotation). Perfect for making thumbnails.
    	> Metro ( Wolfdawg )
    		>> Added in more spawns in (2-4) removed some parts, updated map script
    	> Cranesite Revamp ( Wolfdawg )
    		>> added 4 more spawns for each team, new tree models, removed some parts
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  • RE: Please let players choose whether to install front triangular sight at M16/M4

    Sorry but, no, no guys this will never happen. It's not worth anyone's time to offer this. Sorry.

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  • RE: Please let players choose whether to install front triangular sight at M16/M4

    RedCo can definitely reassure I am not pushing this out of spite over one person, it's simply the fact that more people wanted them gone than wants them back.

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  • RE: Test Place Update (7/31/2020) Feedback

    AkelaStorm I asked for feedback, not suggestions.

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  • Test Place Update (7/31/2020) Feedback
    	> New world models made for;	KRINKOV + BIZON + TYPE 88-2 + HK51B 
    	> Kriss Vector Changes:
    		>> Can now equip a long barrel.
    		>> Complete .22lr balance rehaul. It was pretty clear from all the feedback it was garbage (to put nicely).
    		 New Stats:
    			(+) Spare ammo set to 200
    			(+) Lighting quick reload
    			(+) Head multiplier raised to 2.0
    			(+) Aim speed boosted by 20%
    			(+) Range0 increased to 50
    			(+) Reduces ALL hipfire camera recoil by 50%
    			(+) Reduces ALL (every single type) of aimfire recoil by 50%
    			(=) Fire volume reduced by 20%
    			(=) Fire pitch increased by 50%
    			(=) Ammotype set to ".22 Long Rifle"
    			(-) Mag size lowered to 10
    			(-) Damage0 lowered to 25
    			(-) Damage1 Lowered to 12
    			(-) Bullet speed reduced to 1500
    			(-) Range1 reduced to 80
    			(-) No Suppression at all.
    	> Uzi Changes:
    		>> Long Barrel model adjusted. Proper length now.
    		>> Can equip a full stock. (Wood!!)
    	> Type 37 conversion balance tweaked. Seemed more like a downgrade than an upgrade to people who have used it, I hope to address that.
    		 New Stats:
    			(+) Range0 increased by 20%
    			(+) Range1 increased by 25%
    			(+) Hipfire camera max reduced by 20%
    			(+) Aimfire camera max reduced by 20%
    			(+) Spare rounds set to 150
    			(=) Fire volume reduced by 20%
    			(=) Fire pitch increased by 20%
    			(-) Damage0 reduced by 25%
    			(-) Torso multiplier set to 1.0x
    			(-) Suppression reduced by 25%
    	> Glock extended mags now have 66 spare ammo instead of just 33. Long requested change.
    	> Void Staff is less absurdly bright.
    	> (Hopefully) Fixed AWS sight alignment.
    	> New Melee added! 	MAGLITE CLUB
    	 By Vic
    		>> Rank 0 unlock
    		>> One handed blunt
    		>> Average overall. Small amount of sluggishness.
    		>> Comes with a light (obviously) that stays in front of you even while sprinting!
    	> Sewers
    		>> Halloween map is officially finished so it has been taken off rotation
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  • RE: Zweihander has no headshot multiplier...?

    I don't do weapon balancing, this is a question to ask. Mardemon1

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  • RE: PP-19 Bizon, Type 88-2 Customization. [Phantom Forces - Test place news #36]

    just remember the 4x multi is a typo, it's 2x

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  • RE: Better ambience

    ILost3Accounts If we wanted true ambient sound we would have to spam a lot of raycasts and then tweak audio filters accordingly. Considering we would have to spam at least 16 raycasts from the first person view in various directions, then accounting 3rd person players that would be 4-8 casts per a player. It can scale up quick and hurt performance a lot.

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