Weapon Concepts?

  • 1- M14 Series of rifles
    -Socom 16-
    A medium fire rate, high damage, high recoil, 20 round Carbine that is very lightweight, and more accurate than most at mid to long range.
    A low fire rate, high damage, 30 round battle rifle with EXTREMELY high recoil, almost unusable in full auto. Very accurate semi auto fire rate. Best used in controlled bursts.
    -M14 EBR-
    A medium fire rate, high damage, medium recoil, 20 round DMR that is very lightweight, meaning you can run faster with it than you can with most DMRs. Full auto mode is available, but it's very hard to control.
    2- Winchester 1897
    A slow fire rate, high damage, medium spread shotgun with 6 rounds. The interesting thing about this shotgun is it can be slamfired. This means if you hold down the trigger it will fire in full auto. Also, it has an attachable bayonet that replaces your melee weapon. This weapon is slightly heavier than the spas-12.
    3- Lee-Enfield SMLE MK III
    A 10 round bolt-action battle rifle with a mid level fire rate and high damage, medium recoil, and above-average range. Granted, this weapon is heavier than average, but it's worth it.
    4- M1 Garand
    A high fire rate, high damage, medium recoil, 8 round assault rifle with a very fast reload. Your grandpa's gun.
    5- 45-70 Mare's Leg
    A shortened, secondary version of the 45-70 battle rifle. High hipfire spread, two shot kill potential on a full health player, medium recoil, 4 round magazine, slow reload, higher than average range. Does very low damage to limbs. Flip-cocks in-between shots.
    6- TC Contender 45-70
    A sniper pistol with a single shot in the chamber. Medium recoil, about the same range as the R300. Medium speed reloads, high damage, medium range.

    Give me your thoughts in the comments!

  • MK-12 CQBR anyone?

  • I'm interested in knowing your reasoning behind this selection of guns.

  • mr404error2 Probably because he knows the M14 series are coming?

  • Darkman_Bree The what?

  • mr404error2 M14 series.

    The M14, Mk14 EBR, Mini-14

  • @soldierboy_1988 I'm not sure how that would fit in the current meta. It would basically be an upgraded m4a1 and I'm not sure how the community would respond. The m4a1 is overpowered enough as is.

  • mr404error2 SOCOM 16, not M14. Mini-14 is .223, SOCOM-16 is .308.

  • Darkman_Bree I'm not familiar with this information. I had no idea this was happening

  • I wanna see the Cobalt Kinetics BAMF as a model replacement for the M16A3 through those contracts thing in the future.

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