(NOT A RANT, I PROMISE) In its condition, why do we still play Phantom Forces

  • Good morning! I hope you guys have had a good night's rest.

    For a while now, Phantom Forces has deteriorated BAD. Hit verification, suppression, balancing, team balancing and optimisation are all messed up.

    What is the main reason you stick? Like, the actual reason? Is it with hope the game will become better? Is it because you have memories there?

  • ive grinded for so long i mean im rank 84
    16 ranks man

  • LameGaming I think you got this. 😎

  • Banned

    The only reason I play is so that I have a first person shooter that I can actually afford, the community is stupid, and that's the charm about it, it's horrible community always tends to humor me, not only that but I want to hope that the bugs end up changing for the better, y'know?

  • wait u guys actually still play pf? that's wild

  • WeebDoctor said in (NOT A RANT, I PROMISE) In its condition, why do we still play Phantom Forces:

    The only reason I play is so that I have a first person shooter that I can actually afford


    • Free FPS.
    • It isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield.
    • New weaponry often.
    • The devs actually interact with the community.
    • This forums.
    • FAL
    • Customizable skins.
    • My goal of getting every attachment on every gun.
    • My other goal of getting a customizable skin on every gun (COMPLETED) and melee excluding melee's that can't get skins.

  • Banned

    WeebDoctor If you like free FPS games with stupid communities go play TF2 instead.

  • Hit verification

    The game is mainly for realistic since network reduction to keep not having lag exploiters in game at its good condition for gameplay.


    Yet, if you haven't play 2015 pf then there is suppression still. Its mainly for realistic style.

    but seriously, who wants to complain this to forums. its not how realistic games works.

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    Because roleplaying as a nazi, being racist in chat and killing kids with the MP40 is very fun.

  • I recall starting to play PF at the very end of the demo stage, thus working my way up to rank 234 (Current rank in PF). Been on the ride with StyLiS's FPS project for quite a while.

    Witnessing the direction that PF took during its beta, 1.x release, 2.x, 3.x and current 4.x state was (and still is) quite the marvel, enticing my interest to play the game. PF's come a long way since its conception, and I'm looking forward to seeing the future development roadmap for the remainder of PF's lifetime.

  • Hellcat5 Well this community is pretty dumb as well.

  • I honestly haven't had any severe technical problems with the game in a while, or maybe I just don't notice. Either way, PF is still a fun diversion from other games, even after a couple of years.

  • God, the memories have been amazing. I stay not for the gameplay, but for the community and relationships that the game sparked. And honestly, who doesn't like pubstomping with the intervention every once in a while?

  • smoljordan Arguable.
    Can we get a CSGO with realism and a more BF4 like experience? :P

  • ComradeBoris if you want a shitty game sure. CSGO has good gameplay and that's what matters more than anything else

  • I think the main reason I've stuck with playing Phantom over these years is the fact I started when it was a wee little game in alpha. I love the fact that I can play using all of these guns; also, I love the fact that I'm pretty decent at the game.

  • joeolivia7 messing around with friends, complaining about sweats, having a fun time ranting about how bad the game is. Also I want the G11.

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    Correction to my earlier post.

    I only log on to play because PF is a piss easy game for stupid little babies, and sometimes I like to kick the shit out of stupid little babies, which is probably why I play the villain so often on the forums too whadda ya know.

    Anyways. It's dumb. The game is easier than Lito's mother. Whenever I'm demoralized from playing siege against infinite smurfs, I just log onto PF and just win because everyone who plays this game is bad at video games and can't actually stand up to even my mediocre skill, and the balancing is so incredibly trash that I can just pick up a FAL and get a 100 kill game consistently.

    In conclusion if you take the game seriously you're making a mistake, and you should feel awful. Because this game is stupid. The devs are stupid. The community is stupid. Everything surrounding this game is stupid. And the reason as to why I ever cared eludes me.

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    Hellcat5 It's that you think for justice, to make things better, the only thing is you sometimes display it wrongly, same issue with joeolivia7

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