Lets talk about the new muzzle booster added to the test place...

  • As you all know, a new attachment was added into the test place called the muzzle booster. Its a barrel attachment that increases a gun's rate of fire but giving it more recoil. It supposedly gives guns a ~5% RoF boost but its hardly noticeable. If it were buffed to ~10-15% increase in RoF whilst increasing horizontal and camera recoil and reducing vertical recoil it could potentially be a viable and balanced attachment. I really don't see a point in adding an attachment if it does not really change anything or give any advantages. With the right stats and such, it would be a nice attachment to have in-game.

  • It should be 10% like it was in the CTE.

  • B_olts This doesn't seem like a half bad idea! Having an attachment to improve the rate of fire for a weapon. Wait. Wouldn't this mean that someone could put it on an already fast gun like the KRISS or TEC and have it way faster?

    I think stylis should use their gun module system to have individual stats for each gun with this attachment. Then people can't do what they did with the SFG and AP.

  • secondary's dont have this
    actually i have come up this a radical idea
    the muzzle detractor
    it reduces firerate and recoil

  • LameGaming Big brain!!! Big brian indeed!

  • Mainly just muffler which mar is working on right now

  • It got buff to a 8% increase and more recoil

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