Phantom Forces team balancing is cursed, change my mind

  • I have no problem with the case/key drop system.

    It's impossible to make team balance, does any game do it right?

  • Darkman_Bree Most games don't do it right, it's definitely possible, I guess most devs don't really think it makes a difference, even though it really does.

  • Team balancing is bad when they put all the lvl 200 snipers on one team and the newbies on the other

  • Tacitus With that, it makes me leave the server and find a server that has good teams.

  • those are hard to find and if you do they all speak spanish

  • Tacitus ngl I've never seen an all spanish PF server, and if that's the case I don't really care much. Now, I may sound like I'm trash when I say this but, I try to look for servers with the absolute worst players. The reason why is because, well, I [REDACTED] hate fighting sweaty tryhards all the time. Sometimes I don't want to deal with that and I just want to snipe casually, but guess what I can't [REDACTED] snipe if people are button mashing their keyboard and flinging their mouse on max sensitivity. Sniping tryhards is damn near impossible nowadays, even when they slow down to shoot they're spamming spacebar so a headshot is unlikely.

    I wish I could just join a server with really bad players, and just have fun for once.

    And sometimes I do...for three minutes until I get kicked because those bots think "HE'S HACKING". Phantom Forces is scuffed, I can't wait until I get my new laptop so I can play the game with 50 FPS, maybe more.

  • Or it’s the chat speaks Spanish and all the English boys are quiet

  • Apollo Imma destroy my KDR so that I can get bad teams

  • WeebDoctor That doesn't work. I was literally on a brand new alt account earlier today and I still got tryhards, team balancing and matchmaking isn't a thing, at least not anymore.

  • Apollo that's a shame

  • Lego Call Of Duty is a good name, they should've keept it

  • I think the way team balancing works (assuming a 16 player server but it should work for all server sizes) is that in terms of k/d ratio #1 and #16 are placed on one team, then #2 and #15 on the other then it closes into the middle. Of course peoples playing ability can very much vary between rounds but I feel it's the best solution we've got

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