No Anime Megathread

  • Anime is slang for animation which is technically any that has to do with inhuman characters like aliens from star wars hating anime should be considered hating all animations

  • Pokémon is animal abuse forcing them to fight and be caught

  • Tacitus #represent

  • urbanestdog45 that's like saying if you hate bananas you hate all foods

  • smoljordan You see, those are fake "weebs". people who really watch anime have their specific preferences, but aren't afraid to try something new

    You're all fake "weebs". If you go out of your way to search for specifically japanese content for no reason other than the fact that you really like japanese content, that just SCREAMS weeb.

    You don't like just one specific thing. and no, anime isn't trash, you just have a negative opinion on it.just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad. maybe go searching for one you like? or try a random one.

    Anime is trash. I wouldn't go picking a random scrap out of the garbage heap to see if it tastes good, and similarly I wouldn't go picking a random anime to watch. Sure, on occasion you find a mostly in-tact pie at the top of the garbage, but most of the time, it's just a half eaten rotting apple core.

    And quite a few people who do watch anime casually watch normal TV programming as well.

    I didn't claim otherwise. I just said that people that go out of their way to look for anime specifically to watch are dumb. If you search for a good show to watch and the show happens to be anime, fair enough, but i KNOW you weeb fucks are out there looking for new anime to watch when you could just watch any number of normal non-anime shows.

    Now go on before i strangle you.

    really? anime is that precious to you?

  • heck_god No. You got it wrong. What I basically said is that, using your example, is that if you hate all foods, you hate bananas because pokemon is a subset of anime in the same way bananas are a subset of food.

  • ive seen some good anime but anything with fighting is worse than cats live action

  • LameGaming i dont get it, buy why is everybody shitting on CATS? i like it

  • i feel asleep 20 mins in

  • fair neough

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