When Your Near 5 Year Old Main Account Almost Gets Stolen

  • So, just now, I got on roblox to go play arsenal. I went into the audio library to get some meme songs to play in the game and, in the top right, I noticed that I was logged out. (I never log out of my account unless I'm switching to an alt account, and I don't play arsenal with alts). So, I did what any person would do, I tried to log in. I typed in my username perfectly, then I typed in my password. Then, it said that it was wrong, so I tried again, typos happen a lot. It didn't work the second time, so I tried a third, this time slower, and I also retyped my username, still didn't let me in. And immediately after that, I thought and realized, I had a short-[REDACTED] password that's almost 5 years old, and password guessing on roblox is a popular thing amongst people trying to steal accounts. So, I immediately tried to reset my password, took a few minutes but I finally got the email and reset that [REDACTED] as quick as possible. I just thought of a medium-length stupid password as fast as I could to lock out anyone who may have been in my account. I'll think of a very long, semi-complicated password later on so I don't have to worry about getting my account stolen anymore.

    But I can't help but to think how damn funny that [REDACTED] was when my heart sank and I saw my roblox life flash before my eyes, all my progress in Phantom Forces, my levels and skins in Arsenal, my near 500 wins in Natural Disaster Survival, all the cool gear I unlocked in Polyguns, and all the other progress in every other game I had played, all gone, to some motha [REDACTED] that will get it perma-banned in 5 days. If that happened, well, my best chances at maintaining my mental sanity would be providing a PF mod photographic evidence of my rank on PF and set it to a new account or one of my other alts. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it was some toxic 15 year old I killed a bunch on PF, or maybe someone who kicked me out of a server from accusing me of "hacking". Because I'm pretty sure one of you guys had your account stolen at a gaming cafe or something right? If so, I'm sure you'll know what I mean.

    TL:DR me got password guess, me reset password, password new and safe, safe good, password guesser bad, die - cheesecake


  • Apollo scare pepe is a rare pepe

  • Damn, reminds me of that one time from last year when some kid from a internet cafe decided to hack my [CENSORED] as a act of revenge.

  • Renoir Yea you're the one

  • Renoir they didn’t decide to hack your bick off did they?

  • whew, account security is important, I remember recently my roblox acc was bugging and not picking up my main email as connected to it, and the password not working.
    You did do it pretty fast though so nice

  • I surely hate internet cafes on my hometown, bunch of moronic kids who like to flip me off and disturb my [CENSORED] off.

  • Banned

    Apollo can I have the new one?

  • Banned

    Renoir tell me the story again

  • Dear lord.

  • Apollo imagine caring about lost phantom forces progress LOL

  • the problem is i can't tell if you are joking or not

  • joeolivia7 I mean, considering after all that time I spent grinding, it would hurt. As well as the fact that I'm getting a new laptop soon and I wanted to upload content, like, a lot of content especially phantom forces related.

  • You know what hurts?

    The past three years I've played this excuse of a game. The past 2 years I've spent trying to convince this community that hey, something's wrong. Only to be told that I've either been toxic, I'm bad at the game or my PC is trash. Imagine putting in a lot of effort into Phantom Forces, seeing it fall, trying to help it back up, only to be told "Hey, if you don't enjoy the game, don't play it".

    Yeah, sorry that I don't want to make use of my 3 years of experience playing this game.

    Sorry that I inconvinience you by writing my own opinion on a game I've played for ever, which bothers you.

    Sorry that each time I'd write ways to optimise the game, you guys don't want to take the time to look past what YOU want to see rather than what I mean.

    Sorry that every single message I write about this game is picked apart and destroyed.

    Sorry that my suggestions that this game doesn't need guns is the sole purpose that people don't even put a single second into actually taking ANYTHING I say seriously.

    I fucked up in the past, sure. But I TRIED to help this game in some meaningful way. I quit for a reason. And that reason sticks.

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