Summary of Q&A answers from Stylis (January 2020)

  • I didn't know if I should post it in Phantom Forces or Off Topics catagory, but since most questions we're PF related, I threw it in the PF catagory.

    Anyways, In this topic, I will collect as many informative answers as I can from the recent Q&A on the PF reddit, I will also name who answered them (Although, I do not know who runs the u/stylis_studios reddit account, But my guess it's Lito)
    I will use shortened names so save some time.

    • (L) = Lito (Which I think is u/stylis_studios)
    • (S) = Shay
    • (A) = AxisAngle
    • (R) = Raspy_Pi
    • (T) = Toothless aka Sema
    • (H) = Hypo

    Here we go:

    • (L) There is currently no set plan or active plan on Equipment since it's difficult with the current framework and adds a whole new layer of weapon features.
      • (L) Another reason mentioned is that a full rewrite may be required.
      • (L) In the same question, Lito also says that other features have a higher priority right now such as character customization, daily challenges, general fixes,..., But Equipment has never been fully discarded, It may take a very long time or may never come if the game dies.
    • (S) When being asked for more lower rank weapons, Shay explains that their plan is to give every rank an unlock of some sort, They might look into ways to mitigate the grind like nature of new updates but aside from that they will be adding the m14 as a rank 2 unlock in the near future.
      • (S) Melee's are sort of an exception when it comes to rank unlocks, You can still unlock a gun + a melee on the same rank.
      • (S) Shay admits that the "1 gun per rank" idea is not a good idea for long term progression, They never expected PF to last this long.
        • (S) They may come up with more ways to unlock new weaponry such as challenge type progression.
        • (S) In future Stylis game titles, They may experiment with "gun tech trees".
    • (S) There is a MP7 remodel that's nearly finished, Shay also started on a FAMAS remodel.
      • (S) Shay confirms in another question that the MP7 will be the next official remodel.
      • (S) Shay was also asked if the MP7 remodel will use flip up sights or the current BO2 style sights, Shay answered that he will model both but is unsure which will make it to the game, He might make one of them an Optic attachment.
    • (L) Bipods may possibly become a thing, but will mostly be a matter of how do they want to implement it and at the moment they haven't thought about the stats or the "mounting" mechanics.
    • (S) Shay considered making the IMI Galil, but he's unsure which one he wants to model.
    • (S) When asked how updates are decided, A part is decided by the community from multiple sources (discord, reddit, forums, test place,...) and their motivation to approach said content.
      • (L) They don't have explicit plans for each update, They think of a list of bugs to push through and throw some new content in it to spice up the update, Often it's guns from the same family or a new map, When they think they have been tested in the Test Place long enough, they pick a notable weekend or holiday to push the update in one package.
    • (L) They always come up with more special events such as the Sandstorm and Crane melee on random days, They usually do not plan them, they just randomly get the idea and implement it for fun.
    • (S) Shay is currently not interested in accepting community made guns, All guns will come from him, Community made melee's are welcome though.
      • Maybe we forum members should teamwork on a melee together?
    • (S) They are still interested in adding more grenades, but they will add explosives first before AOE types (Molotovs, Smokes,...)
    • They we're also asked what type of pizza they liked:
      • (S) Hawaiian with over easy or sunny side eggs.
      • (A) Supreme
      • (L) Pan or New York style pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, onions.
    • (R) When asked why to run PF on Roblox, Raspy responded that Roblox provides alot that they need: Servers, Datastores, and a decent playerbase, He's also worried about the Stylis team having to learn whole new programming languages.
    • (S) Shay will keep the AK-107 in mind when remodelling the AK-12's.
    • (S) Shay will update the AK-12's to match the current non experimental counterparts when he will remodel the AK-12's.
      • (S) Shay will use the 2018 versions, That version simply did not exist when he made the AK-12's.
    • (L) The most fun part of Lito with developing PF is immediately throwing a prototype feature in the Test Place and have players try it out, See the progress and player reactions which motivates him.
    • (L) Lito has thought about making a PF successor with the same modern shooter theme, They can make it but that means they'll likely have to drop PF's support entirely, They would be lacking manpower and movitation to keep PF alive if they have an objectively better version to work on actively, All progression from players couldn't be transfered over to the successor game, and they wouldn't give out PF to a random group of devs for obvious reasons.
      • (L) If players are willing to accept that for what is essentially a new shooter with re-designed gun shooting mechanics, animations, gameplay flow, we are quite ready to move onto a new project away from PF.
    • (L) Lito confirms there will be not trading system as it's far too exploitable and they never planned proper framework to support this with a balanced economy.
    • (R) PF has come a long way in terms of anti-exploit in the past few years. Due to how roblox works some stuff is hard to combat such as aimbot. You can consider the client on roblox as a fully compromised place, whatever you do on it can be messed with. So they've been doing more server-based checks than client the past few years. The exploit stuff is slowly being worked on but consider that currently not everything can be addressed.
      • (T) To add onto this, Sema has greatly improved moderation on PF compared to years ago, making it quicker and easier for moderators to find exploiters and get rid of them.
    • (A) Axis wants to make the vote system better up to a point where they can readd Gun Game and Infection back into public main game servers.
      • (A) Axis also has an idea where if you vote for a map, but did not win the vote, The next time you vote for that map will count your vote twice and if it still doesn't win, it will count thrice.
    • (A) Axis likes the M249.
    • (T) Sema responds that he was there when Axis shot one (and puts a lenny face)
      (H) Hypo says that Shay made the M249 and had it completed, but the file got corrupted.
    • (S) Shay says that the M249 is highly requested and will be in the game eventually, He is currently demotivated to remake the M249 (because who won't be demotivated to start over from scratch after your work got deleted?), But he said it's a new year, so he will give the M249 another attempt.
    • (S) Shay says that the ACR is also highly requested and "might aswell model one soonish"
    • (S) Shay says that he wants to implement the M14 as a family, filling more than just the Battle RIfle role.
    • (S) Shay is unsure about the M1 Garand, but he knows it's extremely high requested, so it's a maybe.
    • (S) Shay is interested in the XM8, but wants to see if people really demand it.
    • (S) The AWP might be added to PF just because Shay sees himself remodelling the AWM, but is unsure how it'd be unique though just because model wise it's not unique outside of it chambered in a smaller round.
    • (S) Shay says the AS50 is a maybe, although it might be similar to the Barrett.
    • (S) Shay has plans to remake the M60.
    • (L) Lito was asked on an opinion of Bad Business, He says they have really nice character models and some good ideas/mechanics in an FPS game.
      • (L) The low TTK and weak gun recoil does not feel his style of FPS games, but there are other things they do well that Lito can learn from.
      • (H) Hypo personally thinks it's a lot of fun, but he finds the grind considerably worse than any shooter he played recently.
    • (S) Shay is not interested in modelling laser guns unless they are dev only.
    • (S) Shay is interested in a Secondary themed Update.
      • (S) Shay says he's also kind of interested in a secondary only gamemode.
      • (S) For the Secondary Update, He wants to make German and Russian pistols since PF currently has none of them, but he's also interested in making the Fort-17, but the German and Russian pistols hold priority over it.
    • (A) Axis was asked if there would be a crossover between Stylis and other FPS game groups (ROLVe, Rudimentality,...), Axis confirms he's currently living with the Rudimentality founder (though he has since left) and has been working on and off on a mobile FPS game with PC support. (Mercenary Simulator)
    • (L) Lito considers the end goal of PF (or when he feels like it's completed) when he finally adds equipment.
    • (S) Shay confirms Customization is in the works and might be the next big update.
    • When the devs we're asked what they thought about Arsenal:
      • (S) Shay played the game for a long time and is Level 130.
      • (A) Axis plays it often, but finds the mid air strafing thing annoying when it pushes you into a wall and keeps you from falling quickly.
      • (L) Lito admits Arsenal has some of the best gun animations on Roblox and hopes to match or surpass that in their future games.
    • (L) Lito considered adding more ammo types for the Judge and Jury (such as .410 Shotshells for Jury), He will look at this topic later on.
    • (L) They have no planned reanimation list, But he reanimates guns as they get remodels, He also says the MK11, UMP family (He says family even though there's only the UMP-45?) and AK12 family might get a reanimation.
    • (L) Stylis has been constantly coming up with idea's for their next game, but keeps adding it to PF instead.
    • (L) When asked about their thoughts of people complaining that they should add less guns but fix more bugs, Lito responded that their developer roles are defined and does not understand this complaint and says Shay's job is modelling guns and maps.
      • And that was my question, and it's exactly what I said when people complained about it.
    • (L) Lito says that the ZIP 22's addition was inspired from the Kolibri in Battlefield 1.
    • (L) Lito is interested in returning the PPK and SVK, but he's withholding it because of the huge AK12 family backlash, but he thinks time has passed enough where the backlash died down and can look to reintroduce them as their gun files are already in the main game.
    • (L) When asked why the Police Attachments we're removed from the Deagle XIX, the reasons we're balance concerns.
    • (L) Lito was asked what gun he hates being killed by, but he hates more being killed by the same player rather than being killed by the same gun, He does not care what gun he gets killed by.
    • (S) Shay's favorite PF gun is the Mosin Nagant.
    • (S) Shay says we can expect a Dragunov SVU and Dragunov SVDS remodel this year, With the SVU having optional iron sight aiming.
    • (S) Shay's favorite skin case is the Pattern Case.
    • (S) Shay wants to keep some WW1/WW2 guns away from PF and save them for a future game focussed on WW1/WW2.

  • When is character customization coming?

  • Darkman_Bree said in Summary of Q&A answers from Stylis (January 2020):

    Shay also started on a FAMAS remodel

    NGL I kinda liked the G2 Model but I wouldn't mind welcoming the F1, the G2's older brother

  • "Shay will update the AK-12's to match the current non experimental counterparts when he will remodel the AK-12's." Heh, bye bye Proto-2012 AK-12.

  • Renoir I wonder what will happen to the fictional variants.

  • UMP family


  • heck_god UMP 9x19 & 40 S&W baby!!!

  • Inconceivable i think it's gonna be an ammo conversion attachment not a separate gun

  • P226 and MP443 time

  • If there was one WW2 gun I really want, it would be STG-44. It seems like a nice gun to add, given its uniqueness in WW2. (yes, I did read the dev's reluctance to add more WW2 guns)

  • instead of making an M249, can you make a C9, and if the AWP will replace the AWM (which should have its name changed to L115A3 when a bipod is equipped), the AWP's ammo count should be equal to the AWS's or equal to the AWP's ammo count in CS:GO

  • They never said anything about the AWP replacing the AWM, and also the AWM and AWP are very different guns.....

  • They could also just make the AWS normally unsuppressed, and change it’s name to the AWP, and then a special barrel suppresser that makes its stats the same as the Current AWS, and change it’s name to the AWS like how the CTAR barrel changes its name

  • urbanestdog45 said in Summary of Q&A answers from Stylis (January 2020):

    instead of making an M249, can you make a C9, and if the AWP will replace the AWM (which should have its name changed to L115A3 when a bipod is equipped), the AWP's ammo count should be equal to the AWS's or equal to the AWP's ammo count in CS:GO

    It was never said the AWP would replace the AWM, Shay would make the AWP as a seperate gun, but it's hard because model wise, there's no difference apart from a smaller bullet.

    GamerDab420 said in Summary of Q&A answers from Stylis (January 2020):

    They never said anything about the AWP replacing the AWM, and also the AWM and AWP are very different guns.....

    Same thing as above.

  • darkman im not sure what you are saying there, that my explanation is the same as yours or you are insulting me

  • GamerDab420 What do you mean? I'm just saying the AWM won't get removed on it's remodel and the AWP might get added.

    That's what was answered by Shay in the Q&A

    Reference picture:


  • I hope Shay uses the Valorise FAMAS for the remodel.

  • I think the AWP is just going to be a slightly slower Steyer Scout with a 10x sight and uses 7.62 NATO

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