[shitrant] Suppression is big gae and broken

  • [New forum yay, and why are words censored now]

    Suppression is broken as complete fuuck. It needs to be nerfed and simply is not healthy for the game.
    That one kid at the back of the map mag dumping a M60 / HK21 / L86 and missing all of the shots is enough to make you nauseous and kill your ears. And when you are under that amount of suppression, you literally cannot aim at person who is like 5 studs. (Not like you are going to do damage anyways, with the 0 studs 0 damage bug that is not going to get fixed probably ever)
    And it's not even these LMGs, even an ordinary AR is enough to give you a horrible time. Which is especially true with Snipers. Oh wait, they are so trash that you don't even get a chance to scope in before you get killed from 250 studs by an auto. But seriously, your sniper scope literally gets a seizure when you are zoomed in and someone suppresses you a few times with their AR.

    So what needs to be changed? Simple.

    Nerf Suppression on all guns and half its effectiveness of now (Or more) Which would be:

    • Decrease the amount of the earraping laundry clip sounds the suppression does (Very extreme comparison ik)
    • Screen shaking decrease

    And also at least FIX THE FUUCKING GUNS' SUPPRESSIONS THAT START WITH AN L (Which is not L115A3 or L2A3)

    (this post is potato, what are you gonna do about it? why cant i skip more than 2 lines)

  • Heyo! i got you to return.

  • Finally! Someone who actually notices how busted suppression is in this game! Like it's so dumb that the SCAR-L has nearly the same suppression as the M60 but it can also laserbeam people from across the map with ease. Essentially if you know what you're doing and you're skillful, the SCAR-L can take the place of an AR, LMG, and a Sniper.

    Why? Because balance

    which doesn't exist in the minds of stylis

  • you know how bad supression is for me?
    Imagine 20 fps normallt, even 30 at best, you know what happens when someone with an m60 shoots at me, I HAVE A SEIZURE AND I DROP TO 5 FPS

  • I dont play the game with sound, and dont use scope on my mosin

    Checkmate suppression

  • Atleast it's a good counter agains't BFG kids.

  • L86 LSW is fine, what are you talking about?

    I can't hear you over the cries of angst and misery of my opponents...

  • @Inconceivable I have never heard so much complaining about the main function of a gun since shotguns. And oddly enough not sniper rifles.

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