The Feels Megathread

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    Weeb's Life (not that anyone asked)
    Chapter 1: "This started late-ish"

    Relationship: So uh, valentines day is near so I want to get something for my girlfriend, I want to also sneak some stuff into the box of food I am going to get her, like a glass heart, a rose or two, and a ring that I wanted to give her for a while, so I may need to get something done there, I haven't seen her in seven months too, so I want to see her again as well.

    School: I'm failing nearly all my classes but I passed my benchmarks, so that's good, there's a lot of drama and it's too loud here, but the fights are entertaining, and I have started a small investigation on someone as well, if you want to know about it I can tell you!

    What will I post about next?
    no clue.
    We'll find out next time.

  • been wanting to kill myself
    epic gamer win
    not gonna do it because fuck youuuuuuuuuuuu

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hellcat5 making something doesn't get you to be remembered you have to heavily impact some ones life

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    I absolutely despise the forums now. here's why.

    Anyways, life time. I finally finished chapter 2 of my story. I'll start work on chapter 3 soon. I have a vague idea on what should be in it. Emphasis on vague.

  • Small rant.
    I've been trying to sign back into the website for several days and it continually refused my password despite me and google chrome knowing the right one. I tried just setting a new one, but it never sent an email for me to reset it. The website is fairly new, so I said screw it and tried making a NEW account, which it also refused the password for immediately afterwards. I tried resetting that password too, but it also refused to send an email. I then decided to make a NEW NEW account in a last ditch effort, where I find out my last NEW account was never created in the first place despite the website saying that it was.
    Finally it let me create my NEW NEW account and everything was hunk-dory.
    Then when I tried to set a new profile picture, the cropping thing got stuck on loading and I don't even care anymore. Maybe I'll make a new post soon, but I got to catch up.

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    I've gotten better at avoiding thinking about death lately. That's a good thing. Pondering theology... doesn't suit me.

    In other news I might start making posts about Underworld. That might be entertaining, and at least I have investment in that to prevent me from just abandoning it like I do with every other series.

    Oh and for those who didn't know, I'm an author. Well, and a janitor, but I've been writing my own original story. Original characters, original setting and a really, REALLY weird plot that is packed with action, friendship, monsters, and yes there's romance why do you ask. Anyways it's fairly expensive right now. The only issue is getting every little detail down on paper. So yeah I'll probably make a dedicated thread for this.
    Torush1 you may or may not be interested in this. Not sure. Tell me if you want me to ping you when I finally make it.

  • Hellcat5 i love stories can you come over to tell me it b4 I go to bed :D

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  • uh... revoove
    so i went out on a bike ride so i can go outside in your average neighborhood
    so i was gliding down a street when 2 kids ( around 2 and 5) came out infront
    i told them to look both ways
    then the run around a parked car by the curb
    and then the 2 year old bursts out when im by the hood of the car
    i hit the brakes
    to late
    hit the kid, fall of the bike, and the kid is wailing
    im just like are u ok and the 5 year old takes him inside and I limp home
    yah my right knee is kill but im still vibeing
    but fuck that kid its all his fault im feeling like a 90 year old fucking grandpa its to early for this
    u is confuse - - - >