Shotguns are still absolute garbage

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    I know they said they fixed shotgun hitreg, they LIED. THEY LIED TO US. NOTHING got fixed. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    In fact, it's gotten worse. Before the update I was hitting consistent shots and killing opponents. Now, it's like I can use the SPAS and pump all 7 bullets into them, and get an 85 assist. And if you say it's my ping, you're wrong. My ping was at a consistent 70 when this was going down. Honestly, devs should just revert the changes, because whatever they did made shotgun hit verification infinitely worse than before.

    The shotgun performance in this game is an absolute disgrace, and I don't think they'll ever be viable. Not because they're bad weapons, but because they break down break down like the best jojo's intro every other update.

  • Remember when like 60% of the community said how shotguns were OP? Yeah, well it kinda got better after the omega nerf, but then the hitreg got bad for some reason. ( this opens up possibilities for a conspiracy about how stylis actually did this intentionally but didn't tell anyone)

    Ok, that's a longshot. But seriously, StyLis reminds me of Epic Games. People complain about a weapon being OP, so they nerf it to oblivion making it/them effectively useless. Anyone still use the Scar-H? Thought so.

  • Well that must be a client side issue. Because just yesterday I was playing on the CQC luck and I was demolishing enemies with the SPAS. Sure I got a few instances where I'd shoot someone twice and they wouldn't die, but for the most part my shots would register just fine, and on seperate days before that I got a triple collat with the Judge and the SPAS.

    Screenshot (3215).png

    Screenshot (3193).png

    I don't really see any possible answer for this other than client-side. There's not really any reason other than the scripting not running well on your side compared to other people, because shotguns have been serving me very well as of late. Also, Raspy_Pi mentioned that hitreg can't really be fixed because the technology needed to fix it is literally impossible to have right now. So, as long as PF remains on roblox it's going to have a lot of hit reg problems, sometimes worse for some than it is for others. So if you have any other categories you like, you'll have to stick with them for now.

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    Apollo this only serves to highlight the inconsistency I talk about. So now instead of not working for anyone, they only work half the time for a few people.

    That is somehow worse.

  • Hellcat5 Hmm..., this is the “rng shotguns” incident from fortnite all over again.

  • S1mplyTheHero

    Tbh hitreg for shotguns was always worse than other weapons.

  • Noticed this today too while deciding to use SPAS-12 with Flechette.

  • stylis is making more spaghetti

  • CamaroKidBB Likely due to most of the pellets getting rejected by the God-awful hit verification,this is what causes most of the issues for the shite shotguns other than poor spread etc.

  • Developers

    S1mplyTheHero said in Shotguns are still absolute garbage:

    this opens up possibilities for a conspiracy about how stylis actually did this intentionally but didn't tell anyone)

    The hit reg was changed to reduce exploiters, but has side effects.

  • Hellcat5 I've noticed a pattern with Phantom Forces, where hitreg'll get worse, better, worse better. And it partly has to do with ping.

    When your ping is under 100ms, you'll be fine. 100ms, it'll get bad. 200 will be fine, but 300ms is HORRIBLE. 400ms is good, then 500ms is unplayable because from there people teleport.

    Taking into consideration how inconsistent the hitreg is, with the amount of denied shots (close range headshot with a deagle, both people standing still, no damage), you could be running into issues with pellets not going through.

    (This is another reason why I support a denied shot counter, so you can identify if it's a bad shotgun or if the game is messing with you.)

    It's kind of sad, seeing as the game DID have a good hit registration. It's just that Stylis f****d the hitreg rather than having some kind of anticheat, and as much as I want to say it's hard to make a good hitreg, there's no excuse at this point since other FPS games easily outclass Phantom Forces with their hitregs.

    p.s. I'm in no way dissing Phantom Forces. It was one of the pioneers for the modern Roblox FPS game, COR5 being the original, and it definitely pushed the platform to where it is today. Stylis was messing around with game mechanics no game developer touched back in 2015, and I applaud that.

    I just don't think it's justified that the game has gone to where it is now. We have misleading advertising for the game! Santa with night vision goggles? People look at it and go "Hey, that looks like it's based on COD MW! I'm gonna join" only to be disappointed. I shall write a post about this later on.

    I'm sure we want stylis to change

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    semaphorism So let me get this straight. You implemented a change that directly hurts the main playerbase. To deter the scriptkiddies.

    The scriptkiddies that will find a way to cheat with or without a shotgun.

    Fucking brilliant mate.

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    Hellcat5 well what would you do? let exploiters kill you instantly from across the map? or make some changes that hurt hit reg a bit

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    semaphorism Here's the thing sema, your fight is ultimately futile.

    No matter what you do, no matter how many changes you make, exploiters will always beat you. You have already lost the entire war because of the platform you guys chose to host your game on. There is no catch all solution. You tweak the hitreg, you ruin the gunplay for countless people who are completely innocent. You fix the votekick system and you get the people who are innocent kicked. That's just how it is. There is no solution. Personally, I would go with the solution that doesn't directly harm core elements of your game.

    Let's take an example. Smash ultimate. If hackers became a problem, and they all used Ike, would you consider it okay to nerf Ike just to get rid of the ones hacking with Ike? No, you wouldn't because that's a bad idea and impacts innocent people. The only difference is instead of Ike you have Shotguns.

    I get it, at some point the hit verification will work and stop impacting common people. But when is that? Months away? A year away? Multiple years? The problematic hitreg will help kill the game before it is perfected.

  • semaphorism I'm sorry, but I had to downvote this. Other games on Roblox have achieved better than what Phantom Forces has. Why don't you consider asking other game developers how they program their anticheats? It's always good to learn from other people's experience, not just from your own. My downvote was from the fact that there's an unwillingness to ask for help with the game.

    I don't have anything against you, I promise.

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    joeolivia7 I downvoted it as well, because it isn't just hurting the hitverif a little, it completely alliterates it, Hellcat is right too considering how hackers basically have a counter to any roblox anticheat, best choice out there ismreturm everything to the way it was and make hitverif good again, or learn the anti cheats from other devs on roblox and still bring everything regarding hitverif back to what should be normal

  • WeebDoctor At the very least have a check to see when a user joined Roblox

  • semaphorism its bad either way

  • Developers

    Hellcat5 Players experience overall will be better with the current hit reg then with it removed. I guarantee this. The people who complain are a small minority of the game, it's the vocal minority who always make it seem worse than it is. Months ago when the hit reg was changed, lots of people complained, so we improved it, and players then stopped complaining, because it wasn't much of an issue.

  • This post is absolutely garbage, shotguns are fun and you keep focusing on too little details. If you want to get into detail on the damage of shotguns then let's get into detail on every gun because I guarantee to you that you'd die within one to two shots of any gun but you're not complaining about those. So what do you have with Shotguns, calm down man.

    Shotguns are not underpowered, broken, or garbage.
    Your aims garbage.

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