Recovering a lost account (forgot password)

  • Admin

    In the event that you've lost access to your account by forgetting the password or any other part of your login credentials follow these steps.

    1. Join the StyLiS Discord server.
    2. Either find me (Navy.gif#1998) in the server staff list, or use Discord's user search functionality and shoot me a DM.
    3. State why you are messaging and we'll take it from there.

    Should I be able to verify that it is your account you'll receive a new password that you are to change after you've successfully logged in.

    Reason for this manual operating is email being a bitch to deal with.

  • kool
    i wont because its the password to my everything

  • Developers

    LameGaming yeah don't do that. use unique passwords for every website. i recommend using keepass as a password manager.

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